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Rain booted from FaZe Clan house after public breakdown, revealing disputes


The FaZe Clan co-owner Rain has reportedly got the boot from the house over the weekend after his actions raised concerns from the organization.

The root cause of the issue allegedly involves a now-deleted YouTube video of Rain having a mental breakdown, revealing some internal FaZe Clan disputes, including payment issues.

Last Thursday, on May 28, Nordan “Rain” Shat posted on Twitter that he was indeed booted out of the FaZe house, saying, “Kicked out of FaZe House All fair sad boy energy too high.”

The deleted YouTube video

The controversial video was reportedly uploaded by FaZe Rain on his own YouTube channel. The video contained a very emotional and frustrated Rain, as he spoke about how people have wrongly perceived him and his alleged wealth.

Dot Esports quotes Rain from the deleted video expressing, “Everyone’s stupid hypothesis about what’s going on with me, it infuriates me.”

He then slams down on people’s wrong perception of him—that he is quite wealthy—because of what they see on social media. However, in reality, the 24-year-old narrated that he had to build his career from the ground up, with minimal support from his family.

What piqued the interest of its avid followers, aside for seeing the eSports pro distraught, was when he revealed that he’s actually not getting paid by his own organization right.

“I’m negative $300,000 from FaZe. I have never ever gotten a dollar from this entire company,” said Rain. Further noting that the money he has now is from the brand deals, sponsorships, and other work he’s done alone.

The video ended with Rain’s face filled with tears.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Rain revealed some internal FaZe Clan disputes. Another video is circulating online recently, with the pro player doing a live stream where he revealed that the clan is actually going through a legal battle with one of their former managing personnel.

Accordingly, this person duped FaZe Clan of millions of dollars. Rain repeatedly noted that the ongoing lawsuit hinders him from revealing more details, but this has apparently shaken the FaZe house—the drama behind the eSports curtain that their fans are not aware of.

FaZe Clan still supports Rain and vice versa

Despite getting booted from the house, Rain continues to show his love and support for the team that he helped build. A day after getting kicked out, Rain tweeted that the issue was his fault and that fans should not blame FaZe Clan.

Fans were quick to defend Rain and may have badgered the other members for handling his mental breakdown poorly.

His subsequent tweets, however, were apologetic to the people he has hurt and that he will man up, taking responsibility for his actions.

Meanwhile, despite the circumstances, the organization hasn’t stopped its support and love for Rain after posting a birthday dedication for him on Twitter this weekend.

FaZe Clan is celebrating its 10th-year anniversary this year and it wouldn’t be as festive as they would hope if there’s bad blood between its loved members.

Meanwhile, the media outlets have reported that cases of mental health issues among eSports professionals are increasing, creating a big concern for the industry.

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