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Rain talked about plans for 2021 in ‘GQ’ magazine


Actor-singer Rain participated in a pictorial with GQ magazine where he talked about his plans for the upcoming year and his new approach as a public figure.

Last October, Rain confirmed that he and Park Jin Young, his former mentor, would be making a comeback as a duo.

He said that it had been 12 years since he last worked with Park Jin Young in the interview. They are about 70-80 percent finished.

Talent is essential in the industry

Regarding the concern on new actors signing to Rain Company, he replied that he wants the people that he signs to do well, but it would not be up to him but rather the fans.

Talent is an essential thing in the industry, but celebrities make their careers in collaborations with fans.

Even if someone signs and does not have a talent and not good at acting, if they can acknowledge their limits and ask for help, the fans would help that person.

Communication is the key

Rain continued that communication is the key. If someone keeps pretending that something is right even when it is not, the public would not like it.

This idea on stage is that if he thinks he is cool, people will follow them, but it is outdated.

It is more like getting the right timing, trying better ways instead, and trying until they succeed in the generation we are in now.

Rain on his plan for 2021

About his plans for 2021, Rain said that ten years ago, someone asked him where does he see himself in that time. He replied that he hoped that he would be a good father.

Moreover, it came true, and he is slowly achieving his goals one step at a time.

He wanted to help his juniors achieve their dreams. As a celebrity and dreamed of making his debut, he also wanted that dream to happen for the juniors.

Rain does not have a more particular goal for the upcoming year apart from that.

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