‘Rainbow Six Siege’ clone officially taken down amid Ubisoft lawsuit

'Rainbow Six Siege' clone officially taken down amid Ubisoft lawsuit

The alleged clone of the Rainbow Six Siege title has been officially taken down, following the lawsuit filed by Ubisoft Entertainment.

As Micky News previously reported, the France-based video game company has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google for allowing the upload and offering of a “rip-off” copy of Rainbow Six Siege

The alleged clone is Area F2, which originated in China under the management of Alibaba’s game development arm, Ejoy. As mentioned, the game is “a near carbon copy” of that of Ubisoft’s.

Bloomberg quotes Ubisoft:

“R6S is among the most popular competitive multiplayer games in the world, and is among Ubisoft’s most valuable intellectual properties. Virtually, every aspect of AF2 is copied from R6S, from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between.”

Area F2 taken down

Accordingly, the lawsuit was a result of Apple’s and Google’s initial refusal to take down the mobile gaming app when Ubisoft notified them of the infringing act committed by Ejoy with launching Area F2. 

It appears that the two tech giants were forcibly persuaded after the legal consequences filed, as the news about the alleged clone app being taken down makes headlines.

Meanwhile, Gamespot noted that Ejoy, and its parent company, Alibaba, may have opted against taking the legal route and defend Area F2 in court.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad shared Area F2‘s official notice of termination, or “Service  Closure Announcement,” that will take effect on May 20. The announcement was limited to further discussing the refund process and nothing about the reason behind the termination of the said app.

Will Ubisoft withdraw the lawsuit after app takedown?

Now that Area F2, the source of the dispute, is officially taken down, it remains to be seen if Ubisoft will still push through with the legal case.

As Polygon points out from the filed suit, Ejoy’s mobile gaming app garnered more than a million downloads and reported generated “tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.”

According to Ubisoft’s statement to the media outlet:

“Ubisoft’s teams have poured years of creativity, resources and talent into making Rainbow Six Siege the success that it is today, and we are committed to protecting our intellectual property. We filed a complaint in the US this past weekend against Ejoy (also known as Qookka Games) concerning a game that severely infringes upon our copyright.”

Further explaining that both Apple and Google “remain valued partners” to the video game company. Ubisoft did say that it is open to “working together to resolve this issue.”

Copy infringement cases can be messy, most especially when it comes to gaming applications as these are easily compared to somewhat similar gameplay.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft Support /Twitter

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