‘Rainbow Six Siege’ coming to the Xbox Game Pass

'Rainbow Six Siege' coming to the Xbox Game Pass

Tactical FPS Rainbow Six Siege looks like it’s coming to the Xbox Game Pass. A wrong clue posted on social media is leading gamers to this conclusion.

In a Twitter post, Game Pass posted a rather weird image for everyone to see. It consisted of a castle under siege with six rainbows on top.

The funny and surprisingly eccentric image is a bad way of saying Rainbow Six Siege is coming.

Game Pass gets more value

The coming of Rainbow Six on the Game Pass signals a lot of things to players right now. So far, what it means is more games on Microsoft’s subscription service. This move, again, adds more value to the US$15 monthly payment.

R6S is still one of the more balanced and competitive games out there. The game recently reworked Tachanka and added him to the Test Server. The team keeps on adding new content or rebalancing the game for competitive purposes.

The Rainbow Six World Cup also received an unveiling last month. Its pro leagues are going global, and players are happy to participate. The competitive mode will be bigger than ever, which means a more significant player base is a welcome sight.

Adding the game on the Game Pass incentivizes interested players to jump in. The game is still an excellent $20 on Steam, which is a fair price for an older title. Even then, having it on subscription is a great way to have more players.

Rainbow Six might go free-to-play

Rainbow Six Siege moving to the Xbox Game Pass is a sign of things to come. For the past year, rumors have floated that the game is going free to play. If it does, going to the Game Pass is a great way to keep monetization flowing.

Rainbow Six will likely also follow the path that CS: GO is taking the game. The game can go free to play, with a one-time “prime” status that gives away skins and other perks. CS: GO succeeded in doing so, using it as a deterrent against cheaters.

R6S also has a strong microtransaction scheme, offering different weapon skins and operators. Once R6 goes free-to-play, the likeliness of such a scheme can only make it bigger.

At five years old, Rainbow Six is going strong. It’s a fixture in many top games, and it’s still viable even against current FPS meta titles. It’s still more tactical than Call of Duty, which says something.

Rainbow Six Siege will be available on the Xbox Game Pass soon. No details yet when, but it should come over the next few weeks.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft/Youtube Screenshot

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