‘Rainbow Six Siege’ developers to address cheating issues on Y5S2

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ developers to address some cheating issues on Y5S2

Cheating has always been a point of frustration for both players and developers, and Rainbow Six Siege is no exception. This isn’t surprising since cheaters would usually flock in a game where there’s loot to be had through grinding.

Thus, Rainbow Six Siege developers have released a detailed roadmap on how to deal with the issue, with some of the changes slated to take place on the Y5S2 patch. Several matters are going to be addressed on this front, including:

  • Lobby Freezing
  • Automated data updates to BattlEye
  • Increasing ranked and championship ranked requirements
  • Daily XP cap in PvE

Descriptions and objectives

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ developers to address some cheating issues on Y5S2

For lobby freezing, the team will first gather the necessary data to track illicit actors, which will then be used to accurately identify them in the future. Meanwhile, the developers plan to reinforce their cooperation with BattlEye – a proactive anti-cheat game system – to better spot rule breakers. Both of these methods have been labeled as “on-going.”

The daily experience cap and increasing rank requirements follow the same approach in that they aim to limit cheaters from entering the higher leaderboards to promote a healthy environment. The increase rank requirements are scheduled for implementation on YS52, while the daily cap XP will come into effect as soon as possible.

Current state of the game

With Rainbow Six Siege attracting more players amidst the quarantine, it’s not surprising that some of the newcomers are trying to take the easy route up the ladder. In February, the first-person shooter managed to set a new concurrent player record of more than 178,000.

But despite the pandemic attracting new and returning players to the fold, it also resulted in delayed updates of the game. Ubisoft announced last month that its employees would be working from home amidst the outbreak, resulting in small patches to be cut short.

But the team did say that the patches that are ready for release will come out as previously scheduled. Additionally, they’re also analyzing how to adjust the future content of the game, and it’s unclear how they’ll shuffle everything as this entire situation is unprecedented for the video game industry.

As for the current state of the game, the community is relatively happy by how the developers are handling things. Obviously, some rumblings have been expressed due to the massive nerfs that some of the Operators received. But overall, Rainbow Six Siege is still thriving, an impressive achievement considering how competitive this genre is in today’s environment.


Photo Courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshots

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