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‘Rainbow Six Siege’: free to play this weekend for all platforms


Squad shooter Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend, from 9 AM on June 11 to 4 PM on June 15.

Players who want to try can jump into the action with any platform they prefer. Players who will try Rainbow Six Siege will have full access to the entire game. This access will include all maps, modes, and even as many as 20 “legacy” operators.

If the player owns a copy of Division 2, some bonuses are in-store once fans log in as well.

Rainbow Six will give away outfits and operator skins

For players who already have The Division 2, the free weekend will give players a Thermal Outfit set. The clothing set will have five pieces to complete and will automatically go to the player’s Division agent.

For those who own Six Siege, they will also get a new skin for their operator too. The new Ela skin from an April promotion is also active again, so players can also get that if they want.

To participate in the upcoming free weekend, all players need is a Ubisoft account. Fans would need to get the game from the official website and look for more instructions on the page. Fans can also start pre-loading now, which is awesome for people who have mediocre internet.

Rainbow Six is looking to drum up some interest in the game. The game is looking to add more content soon, with new operators coming to the game.

Potential operators may come from Splinter Cell crossover

Rainbow Six Siege will have the upcoming Season 3 soon, and different media suggests new operators are on the horizon. Early stories suggest a potential Rainbow Six crossover with stealth game Splinter Cell.

So far, rumors suggest two new operators are on the way: an attacker with a drill camera and a cyborg defender with laser gates. So far, these alleged operators have no official confirmation from the devs.

If these supposed operators are true, players are in for a good time. First, sources allege that the attacker with a drill camera can see through walls. This operator will allow players not only to scout ahead but make better plans.

The second character, according to an alleged leak within the community, is that of a Thai defender named Aruni. The questionable video has no confirmation yet, so fans are still in the dark.

The alleged new character for Season 4, Aruni, will have a skill supposedly called Laser Reinforcement. Shown in-game as the Surya Gate, the character can plant up to for reinforcements on doors.

These reinforcements will likely add a better defensive measure for the operator. Whether these potential new operators will come or not is up to the future. Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, Playstation, and Xbox too.

Images courtesy of Ubisoft/Youtube Screenshots

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