‘Rainbow Six Siege’ map gets a rework, more updates released

'Rainbow Six Siege' map gets a rework, more updates released

The latest updates of Rainbow Six Siege will include a rework of one of its Close Quarter Combat (CQB) maps, The House Map, as part of Operation Steel Wave.

It looks like fans of Rainbox Six Siege are here for another treat.

With Ubisoft recently winning a lawsuit against Alibaba-owned company Ejoy for copying their title with a game called Area F2, the five-year-old title is now offering a number of updates that will make the game a defender’s haven.

As June is fast approaching, the devs have already given us a glance at the new operators.

However, the updates don’t stop there, as they have reworked one of the old maps that gamers came to love and hate. They have also added a new gadget that could tip the balance of the game in favor of the defenders.

The house is now a mansion

Rainbow Six Siege fanatics should get hyped with the casual rework of the House Map, as Ubisoft North America has partnered with YouTube content creator Yo_Boy_Roy, who’s famous for producing tips and tricks for the title for old and new gamers alike.

In Ubisoft’s latest YouTube video, they let Yo_Boy_Roy give viewers a tour of the improved “mansion,” as he would like to call it.

Starting off with the exterior of the house, they added more reinforced materials, such as the main entrance door as well as more unbreakable windows, giving attackers the challenge of getting more creative with their strategy.

However, one of the main highlights of the exterior rework would be the revamped treehouse, plus the garage doors.

Before the rework, when the objective is located at the garage, attackers would usually just barge in the main garage door and instantaneously wipe out the defending team, assuming that their attack composition is good.

With the house rework in place, new and old players might get fooled with trying to break one of its garage doors since one of them is now reinforced. Breaking in via the garage won’t be as easy as before especially for the Rainbow Six Siege veterans.

In terms of its interior, the rooms became more spacious, and most of the floors are breakable. It looks like it was somewhat inspired by the recently winning a lawsuit as well. Furthermore, new bomb sites are also included in the house rework.

Replay mode is here, as well as a new defender’s gadget

In addition to the “mansion” rework, Rainbow Six Siege also plans to add a match replay feature, according to their latest dev update.

This will provide players full coverage and perspective on their last 10 games. The new feature is helpful for those players who want to put their game to the next level through analyzing their previous strategies in order for them to improve the next games.

In addition, the game devs also introduced a new secondary gadget that some defender operators could use called the Proximity Alarm providing audio intel.

This new rework plus the new gadgets and features should keep Rainbow Six Siege fans on their toes once this update goes up by June.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft North America/YouTube Screenshot

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