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‘Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn’ adds new operator; Tachanka rework


Ubisoft has revealed Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn, the last seasonal operation for Year 5. The update adds a new operator, together with a much-awaited overhaul.

Compared to previous seasons, the final season is not as bombastic. Those had Sam Fisher available as a separate operator, but this season is no slouch either. Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn will add a Thai operator, Aruni.

Neon Dawn will also have the much-awaited Tachanka overhaul. This will now make Tachanka a viable operator choice, among others.

New operator uses futuristic laser doors

Among the most exciting additions to Neon Dawn is the inclusion of a new operator. This operator is Aruni – a Thai female and a two-speed, two-armor operator. She’s a new defender, with a wildly new trap.

Her loadout includes either a P10 RONI SMG or an MK14 EBR. Aruni also carries a PRB 92 with barbed wire, proximity alarms, and a crazy Surya Laser Gate.

The Surya Laser Gate works much like a Kapkan EDD trap, attacking anyone who passes through the door.

When launched, the Surya creates a laser grid over a doorway. It makes an obvious laser door that covers an entire entranceway.

The value of the Surya Laser Gate is two-fold: first, it causes severe damage to players. It hits for a hefty 40 damage per pass, concealable behind any soft material. The gate is also indestructible and does not damage Defenders.

The primary problem comes from a few small drawbacks. For starters, there is a small gap at the bottom that will allow drones to pass safely. The gate generators also deactivate for a while after they destroy or cause damage.

The gates also need recharging before they can reactivate, which takes time. Players can even decide to tank the damage, considering it offers no real protection. Even then, the idea is to provide a distraction or funnel attackers to different areas.

Tachanka rework adds mobility while keeping anchor

Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn doesn’t only have a weirdly futuristic operator on the way. They also have a much-awaited overhaul coming in the form of Tachanka. At last, Alexsandr Senaviev will get a full change to his character.

Tachanka’s turret is now gone, moving the DP27 LMG to his primary instead. The machinegun will chew through any cover for sure. His gadget is now the Shumikha Launcher, and it is a beauty.

The Shumikha Launcher is a vintage grenade launcher that shoots off incendiary grenades. It can hold 10 rounds and the grenades act as molotov cocktail, setting surfaces on fire. It’s a dependable area denial weapon, perfect for his anchor-style defense.

Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn has more updates. Their reveal video offers a ton of new details into the changes they added.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft North America/Youtube Screenshot

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