‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Operators Ace and Melusi revealed

Rainbow Six Siege has come a long way since releasing five years ago, and Operation Steel Wave isn’t the end of it. With the new Operation comes two new characters that Ubisoft has finally introduced.

After being teased several times, players now have a better look at the two new Operators in Rainbow Six SiegeThe new Operators are Melusi and Ace, who both add something new to the meta. The recent trailer showed off what these new characters are capable of. Here’s a breakdown of their abilities and role in the game.


Melusi is a defender that’s touted as a strong crowd controller. This basically means she’s able to prevent enemy assaults when necessary. Moreover, she can also help out her team by providing intel on enemy positions.

Players who are used to playing as Maestro should feel right at home when using Melusi. Her Banshee’s Sonic Defense utility functions similarly to Evil Eye. Like Maestro’s utility, it can be placed anywhere and can be used to slow down enemies on the offensive. The difference is that Banshee’s Sonic Defense automatically affects nearby enemies.

What’s even better about her utility is that it is bulletproof. To destroy it, players will need to use explosives, but this can result in them giving their location away.


Ace is the new attacker joining the roster of Rainbow Six Siege. Players who are more used to aggressive approaches will feel comfortable with Ace as he is considered as a hard breacher. Aside from being able to breach defenses quickly, Ace is also more dangerous when he is on the frontlines thanks to his abilities.

His primary ability that players will rely on is SELMA. It works similarly to Hibana’s X-Kairos. While it does less damage, SELMA is more automatic than X-Kairos.

When Ace throws SELMA to a breachable wall, it will start off a series of explosions. The first explosion will create a small hole at the bottom of the wall. A second bomb will be placed to make the hole bigger. Then, a third and final bomb finishes the job. This means that the opposing team needs to destroy SELMA before it finishes completely destroying a wall.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave is the second content update for the fifth year of the game. Aside from Melusi and Ace, the update will also come with changes to some of the maps in the game.


Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/YouTube

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