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‘Rainbow Six Siege’ to get ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Rick and Morty’ crossovers


Ubisoft has teased for a new Jill Valentine skin for Zofia and even for a Rick and Morty event during the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6.

Games as a service and pop culture references are something that goes hand in hand. Rainbow Six Siege is relatively new to the crossover with the Lara Croft skin, following a bizarre Money Heist event last year.

How are both of them connected?

While it can be really tricky to point out a relation between Rainbow Six Siege and Resident Evil, the Jill Valentine look is really out of the world amazing, with the “classic” commando look from the early games.

As for the Rick and Morty crossover, the developers have not shared anything about it. We did not see any brief flash of the unmaskable green portal from the animated series, so it is hard to predict how the events will take place.

The only real crossover we have come across in the game is the use of the Money Heist theme and a bustling map of the bank while you purchase something from the skin store.

But this also means something else. Ubisoft teasing themed skins for players to know what the team has in store for them.

There are different content planned for the game

At the Six Invitational 2018, Rainbow Six Siege, the developer has said that the team has an ambiguous plan as a matter of content to be added to the game.

The developers wanted to put about 100 operators in the game developed over years of dedicated support.

The game is constantly growing, and there are additions being made to modify the content of the game. As the game is fundamentally changing, each new layer making it more difficult for players to learn and play.

Rainbow Six Siege is as wide as the Pacific Ocean as the beginning of a rookie’s R6 tenure. There is always a new operator to learn, a better strategy to try out, and better gadgets that can be used for interaction.

“I think, just in general, there are a lot of new players onboarding is an area that Siege has failed in,” Clark said. “That may sound like a tough deal, but I think that [Ubisoft] would have to admit and probably know about the same.”

There have not been further updates of the game as the developers have not revealed much but players will soon come to light.

Image courtesy of Ubisoft North America/YouTube Screenshot

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