‘Raised by Wolves’: Father considers an upgrade to catch Mother’s lies

Raised By Wolves

Father could soon uncover Mother’s lies and manipulations on Raised by Wolves. That is if he’ll consider getting an upgrade to better process what his Android partner has been up to.

The next episodes of Raised by Wolves on HBO Max hints of Father (Abubakar Salim) possibly wisening up. Mother (Amanda Collin) has been acting really odd and distracted that Hunter (Ethan Hazzard) suggests what Father must do.

In the teaser to “Lost Paradise,” Hunter confesses to Father about hearing his conversations with Mother. He tells Father that Mother is clearly hiding something and the only way to know for sure is if he’ll agree to an upgrade.

The teaser does not hint of Father’s decision. However, he might be forced to go with Hunter’s offer once he senses the danger looming over them.

The Mithraic, led by Marcus (Travis Fimmel) and Sue (Niamh Algar), have found their settlement. If Mother is distracted, she might not be able to protect the children. The Mithraic, however, believes the children are not safe around Mother, a Necromancer Android.

Mother learns of her origin

Mother has not been herself after she met her creator, Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis), a hacker from the Atheists faction. In her scouting missions around Keppler-22B, Mother chanced upon a simulation of the Earth’s past in the fifth episode of Raised by Wolves, titled “Infected Memory.”

There, she learned that Campion hacked into her Necromancer robotic system to make her into the only hope for humanity. She also learned of her relationship with her creator, which spawned feelings she never felt before.

Mother also learned that her creator was part of an educated, high order Mithraic family who turned a leaf and became part of the rebellion. She was his greatest but final project before the Earth became completely inhabitable to humans.

Before Campion charted her journey to Keppler-22B, he erased all of Mother’s archives and memories. But at the end of this simulation, Campion was able to grab hold of Mother in the present to warn her of the danger in the settlement.

Marcus’s real mission

Meanwhile, Raised by Wolves also unveiled the conflict Marcus feels over the worst Mithraic alive: Otho. His crimes as a rapist go against all of their religious beliefs but he has manipulated Marcus, now the leader, to think that his destiny is tied to Sol, the sun god.

For now, Marcus tries to brush off whatever information Otho has been feeding him as it messes with his mind. The focus has to be on retrieving the children from Mother.

But as long as Otho still lives, Marcus will be in a bind. The Mithraic will want Otho dead, as will Mother and Tempest, who is carrying Otho’s child.

Raised By Wolves season 1 on HBO Max premiered on Sept. 3 and has 10 episodes.


Image courtesy of HBO Max/YouTube

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