‘Raised by Wolves’ season 2: Showrunner plans filming in early 2021


Raised by Wolves is set to return for a second season on HBO Max and plans are underway for filming on location in early 2021.

The sci-fi drama series from creator Aaron Guzikowski aired its season 1 final episode on Oct. 1.  HBO Max, however, announced the renewal of Raised By Wolves season 2 weeks ahead of the finale.

Guzikowski told Decider that they plan on getting back to work for the second season as soon as possible. The cast and crew will have to fly back to South Africa for the filming. They will need to come up with the safety precautions required of all film and TV productions amid the COVID-19 threat.

“But I hope that we’re going to be shooting sometime in the first half of next year,” Guzikowski revealed.

Who got Mother pregnant?


The finale episode of Raised by Wolves season 1 ended with the birth of Mother’s (Amanda Collin) android snake baby. She realizes that it was not her creator who installed the creature in her body, and Guzikowski, of course, knows who’s behind everything.

In an interview with Collider, the showrunner kept mum on who could be responsible for the snake baby. But Guzikowski offered an explanation to how Mother was able to conceive. Apparently, Mother is so far advanced that what’s inside her is like a 3D printer. All she needed are the materials, such as human blood and plasma, and she could create a baby.

Mother also realized in the finale episode that Kepler-22b was once home to some humans. She had visions of people who’ve devolved and became those wolf-like creatures that terrorized her, Father, and their children.

According to Guzikowski, Raised by Wolves season 2 will explore what happened to these humans. Further stories will also present the previous civilization that inhabited the planet, including the origins of the snake baby. Viewers will recall that giant snake skeletons are all around them. It was one of the first images shown in the first episode.

“We have a multiple-season plan that will illuminate a lot of stuff,” the showrunner told The New York Times.

Changing season 2’s setting and new characters

The final episode also unveiled the Tropical Zone that Mother said existed in an earlier episode. The showrunner confirmed they will film in a different region for scenes in the new environment.

Guzikowski also revealed that new characters will be introduced in Raised by Wolves season 2 as more humans will arrive on Kepler-22b form the Earth. The power dynamics will also shift.

Raised by Wolves season 1 remains streaming on HBO Max.


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