Rajon Rondo, Lakers look to reunite in a few weeks

Rajon Rondo, Lakers look to reunite in a few weeks

Rajon Rondo traveled to Florida to continue the rehab on his fractured right thumb after injuring it during the first day of the Lakers’ practice.

The NBA bubble has been an astounding success by far. No other major sporting league around the world has had the wins the NBA had. They posted zero cases in the past two weeks. It is no small feat considering that they are hosting the games in the United States’ epicenter of COVID-19.

As such, protocols are still strict and will continue to be so until the end of the season. All players that move in and out of the bubble have to go under strict quarantine. Otherwise, they will be barred from rejoining their teams. Rajon Rondo, for his part, can’t wait to help the Lakers in their title run.

Rajon Rondo flies to Florida

The veteran point guard reportedly flew to Florida to continue the rehab on this injured right thumb. There was no specific play or accident which triggered the fracture. Nonetheless, it was grave enough to merit a surgery that Rondo is undergoing rehab for.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel told reporters,

“He’s making his way to Florida tomorrow and will spend a certain period of time outside the bubble before he’s reintegrated inside of the bubble.”

It will be a wonderful sight to have Rondo back in the Lakers lineup soon. He’s been the team’s vocal leader from the bench. Vogel even offered him a spot in the coaching staff while he was rehabbing his injury. Although far from his prime years, Rondo is still capable of delivering a great impact on the game.

He doesn’t score in volumes, but his touches and passes make the team’s offense smooth as butter. It’s the intangibles that make him valuable to the team.

Lakers’ veteran backcourt lineup

The Lakers right now seem to be a destination for veteran players that are past their prime. Of course, Lebron James isn’t included in this list. However, without a doubt, the Lakers are in a win-now mode basing the fact on their roster.

During the offseason, they added a prime and bouncy Anthony Davis to help Lebron on his load. The front office didn’t want to waste time developing players around Lebron. So, they traded away their young core for an MVP-caliber player. They also surrounded Lebron with trusted veterans who have championship pedigrees.

The additions include Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo, JR Smith, and Dion Waiters. All reliable. All passed their primes, but all capable of providing instant offense and championship mindsets.

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