Rajon Rondo on pace to return for Lakers’ Playoffs run

Rajon Rondo on pace to return for Lakers' Playoffs run

Rajon Rondo suffered a hand fracture during the first Lakers practice inside the Orlando bubble and may return for the Lakers’ postseason games.

The Orlando bubble started on a shaky start with rumors on airplane food being served to players. Fortunately, that isn’t the case anymore. It seems like players are starting to settle in their new homes quite well.

As such, they now have to focus on the task ahead. First, they need to concentrate on how to win the NBA championship. Second, they have to ensure they stay healthy for the rest of the way. The first one is already hard to do, but the second task is even harder to achieve because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rajon Rondo surgery recovery

The Lakers’ start to the bubble also started shakily when they learned about the hand fracture of Rajon Rondo. The stellar point guard will miss six to eight weeks to heal from his hand surgery. Unfortunately, no one knows how Rondo got the fracture. Nonetheless, the team is looking forward to his return.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel will reportedly open a coach’s spot for Rondo while he is in rehab. This opportunity will not be unique for Rondo. Kurt Rambis and some staff have been able to join practices via Zoom. He said,

“I will definitely offer that type of insight or participation to Rajon if that’s something he’s interested in.”

Rondo will be the second guard that the Lakers will miss in the NBA bubble. The first one was Bradley who opted out of the restart for personal family reasons. Both players will be sorely missed, but the Lakers are fortunate that they were able to sign J.R. Smith to fill the bench spot. He is expected to be back between the first and second rounds of the Playoffs.

Anthony Davis and Lebron James will keep their last names

The heat surrounding the NBA at present is what the NBA players are doing for social justice. The NBA has allowed players to wear any of the 29 approved social justice messages on their backs. ‘Equality’ tops the list among those messages.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstars will not subscribe to the same style. Davis, for his part, just wants to keep his last name on the back to pay respect to his family. He believes that having the ‘Davis’ surname on his back is acknowledging the people who have been with him throughout his journey.

Lebron James, on the other hand, will not partake in the movement because he has his ways of helping out the cause, according to him.

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