‘RAN: Lost Islands’ will go open beta during the Steam Games Festival


RAN: Lost Islands is an upcoming melee battle royale game, and it’s out for the open beta. The game will also stay free through the duration of the Steam Games Festival.

RAN: Lost Islands seems to combine Fortnite and For Honor in one tidy package. The game pits legendary samurais, ninjas, and conquistadors in one place.

Starting today, the game will be free to try during the Steam Games Festival: Summer Edition. The open beta will last until June 22, which means the game is free for an entire week.

RAN combines For Honor’s melee combat with Fortnite’s battle royale chops

RAN and its gameplay will be familiar for most gamers. Also, it is easy for fans of the battle royale genre. While the game seems generic, the game is anything but fun. The tropes it plays on doesn’t make it a classic, but players will enjoy every bit of it.

The game follows the honorable warriors stuck inside a cursed island. All 100 participants are there to clash in a battle for honor and gold. The last man left standing will take it all, much like any standard battle royale.

RAN is currently in its early development. The game will focus on a ton of short-range combat, but this does not mean it’s bereft of long-range battles. As the game sets itself in the 1600s, the game still has its ranged weapons.

The setting, however, says everything will be cumbersome. Moreover, players can expect longbows and arrows as the standard weapon. Instead of SMGs, players would need to settle for flintlocks and lightning-fast reflexes.

RAN dev team ran closed beta since December last year

RAN: Lost Islands is not some simple melee battle royale. Jolly Roger, the game’s devs, set the game to closed beta since December last year. Now, the game is ready to have players fighting in open beta.

RAN: Lost Islands is an online melee battle royale that thrusts 100 outcasts onto a cursed island, where they must wield medieval melee and ranged weapons, ride horses and wind-powered gliders to explore the treacherous landscapes, and search for clues to Legendary Treasures,” says the team on a press release.

“Fast reflexes, lethal combo attacks, and cunning strategy will be needed to defeat all opposing players. To establish your wealth, locate and unearth a great mythical treasure while avoiding certain death by the game ending tsunami.”

RAN: Lost Islands is free to try for the duration of the Steam Games Festival. The trial will start from June 16, 1 PM EDT and will end on June 22 around the same time. Players can visit the official website to join future beta tests.

Featured image courtesy of Jolly Roger/Youtube Screenshots

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