Ranked mode for ‘Valorant’ detailed

Valorant is a highly competitive game that pits two teams of players in many rounds of intense combat. Due to its structure, it’s not surprising that Riot Games is planning on adding a ranked mode to the game.

It was uncovered in a recent update to Valorant that a ranked mode will be coming to the game even before the game leaves beta. Now, we’re getting a glimpse of how that ranked mode could play out.

A new take on the ranking system

One of Riot’s men took the time to tweet about ranked mode and how it could be for the game. Unlike most games out there, a player’s rank will be determined based on his performance in a match and not the number of wins.

This is great news for players as it will be a more fair way to rank players in a game. Instead of the wins, players will have to focus more on their performance. Thus, stats like death, kills, assists, and bombs planted or defused will be a part of the ranking system.

In such a ranking system, players don’t have to worry about it when a member of their team goes AFK or decides to throw the game as it has always been a problem in other forms of ranked mode. The community is currently split on their take about the ranked mode.

Others like it, to say the least. However, some players are concerned that it isn’t a solid scoring system as compared to basing the rank on the losses and wins instead. Since this is just an early version of their ranked mode, it could change as Valorant evolves.

Other ranked mode details

The developers have also revealed other details for the ranked mode. For starters, players will need to complete at least 20 unrated matches before they can unlock the mode. This is done to prevent players from becoming a burden on their team if they are still very new to the game.

In the shooter, players will have to rise through a total of eight ranks, each with three tiers. Players should expect a seasonal basis for the rank and will be rewarded with in-game items after the end of each season. Players also don’t have to worry about ranked decay if they are unable to play the game. Instead, their rank will not be shown if they don’t play the mode within 14 games.

What’s also worth noting is that the rank that players get during the closed-beta will not carry on to the full game. Still, now would be a great chance to get a feel of what feels like


Image used courtesy of Riot Games/YouTube

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