Ranked mode teased in new ‘Valorant’ update

Riot Games’ Valorant is a promising competitive shooter that’s already making waves in the gaming community. Even at its early stage, the game has already impressed a lot of people, but what else has the developer planned for the game?

A lot of gamers are already expecting Valorant to be the next big game for eSports. One that could rival CS:GO’s competitive league and the dominant Overwatch League. As early as now, the developers have already begun applying their steps to support the eSports journey of the upcoming title.

Ranked mode coming soon

A new patch released for the game and among the inclusions in the patch notes is a special section for competitive mode and ranked matchmaking for the game. Although the game is still in its beta phase, it seems like Riot Games is already thinking of releasing these modes to bring more excitement to the shooters.

When Overwatch launched, a competitive mode was soon added. Then in the same year of its launch, the Overwatch League started, and it was an instant hit with fans.

Riot Games isn’t a newcomer when it comes to eSports. It’s League of Legends is currently one of the top games for eSports. That being said, the game itself is already poised for having a professional league considering its gameplay structure and mechanics are highly competitive.

Other update inclusions

The notes for the competitive play was just a small portion of the update for the game. One of the most significant changes with the update is for Omen.

The agent was the subject of many tweaks in the update. For starters, he now becomes vulnerable after leaving his shadow form. The developers also made it so that players will be easier to locate using sounds if he is teleporting using From The Shadows.

The update also introduced a selection of map changes, quality of life additions, as well as some bug fixes too. Overall, the only major change with the update is for competitive play and Omen.

If Valorant does get a competitive play, we’re sure that more pros and Twitch streamers are going to focus on the game. It’s one of the modes that it lacks now, and fans are hoping that it will be added even before the game fully launches.


Image used courtesy of Riot Games/YouTube

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