Rapper Meek Mill wants his next label deal paid in bitcoin

Last month, Meek Mill became the latest rapper to express his dissatisfaction with his current label agreement, and he’s seeking solutions.

Money Man, who recently made history as the first musician to get his label advanced using Bitcoin, may have just given him the answer.

Meek Mill took to his Instagram Story on Wednesday to congratulate the Atlanta rapper on the historic move, as well as declare his desire to join the new club.

Where da money at?

Money Man won’t be the only rapper who can get a Bitcoin advance. On Tuesday, EMPIRE announced that every musician who signs to their label would now be able to get Bitcoin via CashApp.

Bitcoin has established enough credibility in the cryptocurrency business to be used as payment in a million-dollar contract between EMPIRE music and Money Man.

The groundbreaking transaction is the first time a musical company has provided a Bitcoin advance, but it won’t be the last.

Give him his bitcoin

Ghazi, the creator of EMPIRE, surprised the industry by posting a video of his million-dollar Bitcoin payment to Money Man on Instagram, pushing other musicians to embrace bitcoin in their future business dealings.

Meek Mill, in particular, has expressed his unhappiness with his contract in recent tweets, suggesting that he may consider Bitcoin as a form of payment in the future.

Last month, the Dream Chasers’ frontman took to Twitter to express his label grievances, alleging he has yet to receive a dime from his contract. He also revealed that he has no idea how much his label deducts from his profits.

Meek stated in his Story, “Ima get my next record deal paid in bitcoin behind @moneyman,” with a screenshot of the $1,002,912 Money Man received from his advance.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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