Rare’s Open-World ‘Everwild’ looks magical in Xbox Series X

Rare's Open-World 'Everwild' looks magical in Xbox Series X

British video game developer, Rare, the creators of Sea of Thieves, showcased a Open-World title called Everwild on Xbox Series X Games Showcase recently.

The Everwild game was showcased with a new magical trailer. The video snippet was so cinematic that it could be mistaken for an Avatar-related movie.

Engadget describes the game as “a lost Miyazaki film.” The game was first introduced back in the X019 Inside Xbox presentation. This current teaser is longer than the first, with revealing more about its magical open-world.

Group of Eternals

Like all the other trailers being released during the recent series of digital events, there’s little details given about the specifics of the game. After the Everwild game trailer premiered, fans heard the Executive Producer of Everwild, Louse O’ Connor, give a gist of the game and express gratitude to the now growing player base community.

“Everwild will give to you a magical and untamed natural for you to explore and to just truly lose yourself in. It’s a place to be eternal. An eternal has the gift to sense and feel how magic flows through nature and connects every living thing. The team here at Rare are so excited to be working on something like Everwild, and I hope you’re excited too. But I just wanna take this opportunity to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who’s shown their support and love, and for the incredible, awesome, positive community that’s already growing around this game.

On Everwild, players will have to take the role of the Eternals, the currently unnamed protagonists of the game. It looks like they are one in nature and has the obligation to protect the magical creatures within the realm.

They have creature companions as well. Similar to that of Aang from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, and his animal companion Appa, a six-legged flying bison. There was also a flying creature companion that reminded the viewers of Momo, as well, Aang’s flying pet lemur.

The characters also resemble that of those from the animated series, which coincidentally also centers magical folklore about nature.

What will the Everwild gameplay be?

As Engadget noted, it wasn’t actually clear as to how Everwild will be played. Unlike Halo Infinite, which opened the event with an eight-minute gameplay reveal, viewers didn’t actually see any for Everwild.

Although, there were a lot of moments where the Eternals were saving magical creatures, so that’s one game mechanic we know for a certain.

In a recent interview by Polygon with Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, he shared a few insights about the Everwild gameplay. Per Booty, “Part of the reason we haven’t talked a lot about Everwild is because we’re still feeling a lot of these things out. We’re still playing around with gameplay ideas.”

This also hints that the game is still far from its official release. There’s also the fact that the devs have left out a release window as well.

Accordingly, the game is looking like it’ll be “exploration-heavy.” The presence of group rituals could also mean they’ll be a multiplayer or co-op mode of play. Overall, Everwild is a very promising Open-World title, with a fresh take on the game genre.

It’ll be made available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and on Windows 10.

Featured image courtesy of Rare Ltd./Twitter

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