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Ray Tracing is now fully supported in ‘Fortnite’ PC


Playing the PC version of Fortnite will now feel like a more glossed-up version of its former self, thanks to the full implementation of ray tracing.

From the get-go, ray tracing technology is something that is accessible for everyone by default. Being a fairly recently-introduced technology, only certain hardware is able to tap on this feature. Specifically, NVIDIA’s RTX graphics cards, beginning with the RTX 2060. With the recent release of the 3000 RTX series, a few more cards were added to the list.

Furthermore, it also meant that those who are using the Radeon equivalent or higher are also out of the equation. This is because the ray tracing feature is indeed exclusive to NVIDIA’s RTX series of graphics cards.

While AMD’s CEO confirms that the next generation of Radeon GPUs will have native support of ray tracing, none of its existing graphics card product is capable of it at the moment.

What’s Ray Tracing?

With all the talks about ray tracing, what does it really mean? In a nutshell, ray tracing is a feature that gives a game better render of visuals, particularly with lighting. This translates to a better-looking game whose imagery possesses more depth.

Not all instances of ray tracing are obvious, however. As some can be subtle. But those who have seen ray tracing arguably find it hard to go back when the changes are made visible. Such as in the case of Fortnite, which now sees better lighting, shadows, as well as reflections.

Enabling Ray Tracing

Enabling ray tracing on Fortnite is a fairly simple affair. Two of the primary requirements would only be you having an NVIDIA RTX graphics card and its corresponding latest driver. Having an up-to-date driver will, for the most part, ensure that ray tracing kicks in with Fortnite.

With those pre-requisites met, the next step would simply be configuring the Fortnite client to work with ray tracing. To do so, go to the game’s setting after running it. From there, choose to configure the game to run under DX12, if you’re on Windows 10.

From there, visit the game settings and tinker with its setting involving ambient occlusions, reflections, shadows, global illumination, and ray tracing. With, at least, an RTX 2060 in your system, making your own preset should not be a problem.

Other Improvement

On another aspect of game improvement arising with the use of an NVIDIA graphics card, there’s also the DLSS. A feature that helps maintain high frame rates, even when running the game on high resolutions and during any intensive process.

Image used courtesy of Cycu1/YouTube Screenshot

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