‘Ray’s the Dead’ to finally see launch after a long hiatus

Ray's the Dead trailer snapshot

Following a seven years’ delay since its initial reveal trailer back in 2013, Ray’s the Dead is finally seeing the light of day as it sees launch on PC and PlayStation 4.

There’s really no word as to what caused the rather lengthy delay for Ray’s the Dead. If that duration alone is to say something about the matter, it’s quite likely that the project might have been abandoned at some point. That’s merely a guess, of course, but hardly a stray from the possibility.

Otherwise, we would see a game packed full of contents, born from years and years of development. But this, too, is wishful thinking and is hardly the actual case.

Dead project brought back to life

Living up to its “undead” theme, our best bet is that Ray’s the Dead was once a “dead” project. That is, only to be resurrected in order to amuse our otherworldly curiosity. This statement, at least, while metaphorical at the outset, does make the most sense.

Seasoned gamers will probably already had experienced it all when it comes to zombie games. Typically, titles where zombies are your average mindless flesh or brain-eaters that, while capable of dying, is impervious to pains. Conversely, there are not that many games where you take on the role of the zombie, let alone be the protagonist of it.

A commanding zombie

In Ray’s the Dead, you are just that contradiction. Not only do you directly control a zombie, Ray LaMorte, but the story of the game also revolves around it, too—a protagonist.

The game starts with an exciting premise that sees Ray’s resurrection with questions involving the cause of his death and his resurrection. Equally as important is the query regarding why there’s a bulb stuck in Ray’s head. A thought-provoking preface that essentially throws our conception of zombies as “mindless” beings out of the window.

More than just a living dead capable of thought, however, in Ray’s the Dead, you’re also capable of commanding other zombies. Literally, giving you other creatures of your ilk to your disposal, which is critical in overcoming the obstacles you’re to face throughout the 40-level campaign.

Short but replayable

However, do not let the number fool you into thinking that this game is epic in length. The irony is that the game would be no longer than 10 hours in a single playthrough. Which, in fact, is telling that the game has been in long delay all this time, instead of prolonged development.

However, those who do feel of squeezing every content out of the game may be able to do so with multiple playthroughs—each diverse instance of which with the purpose of seeing a different ending with the game.

Ray’s the Dead will see a launch in time for Halloween on Oct. 22, 2020.

Image used courtesy of RagtagStudio/YouTube Screenshot

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