Razer seeks to gamify our finances with a Razer Visa Card

Razer Prepaid Card

From developing some of the world’s most renowned computer peripherals to venturing into beverages and, recently, a chewing gum, Razer has been going on business ventures in the last few years.

The company is not nearly done in its excursion across the many sides of business just yet as it announces its latest endeavor with a prepaid card program.

Dubbed the Razer Visa Card, this latest undertaking has Razer tying up with Visa. All in order to not only facilitate digital transaction payments but also to gamify the process.

According to PCGamer, the virtual card will take advantage of the company’s own payment scheme, the Razer Pay. An e-wallet service that had its debut in Malaysia back in 2018. The look of it is not any different from the Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or similar payment method.

Standard and Premium prepaid card

But while Razer Pay is technically an app that can be utilized with a smartphone, Razer is leveling up the game with the introduction of the Razer Visa Card. The prepaid card itself comes in two forms—a standard edition and the LED Razer logo-embossed premium edition.

Right now, it’s still unknown whether the two cards differ in any way, aside from the obvious physical layout disparity.

A card with benefits

More than just simplifying payment with a swipe of a card, however, the card also rewards making purchases. Essentially an incentive to promote spending, the system grants cashback ranging between two percent to five percent with their every purchase.

It can be used for payment on literally many things at one percent cash back. But Razer is also encouraging support to its own products via a five percent cash back. You would literally get five percent of the amount you pay back into the account. Unless, of course, a certain cap is imposed.

Aside from the cashback incentive, the payment scheme also gamifies how each Razer Pay users spend their money, which is done by streamlining all transactions and correlate them to certain conditions, all towards getting a reward.

“Access a unique gamified rewards system through the Razer Pay app, where unlike traditional cards’ loyalty programs, users go through a personalized experience to track, score and redeem rewards, based on tasks and everyday transactions.”

Gamified spending

If you’re like the type who loves the idea of applying a bit of RPG element in your spending, being part of Razer’s prepaid card program makes logical sense. However, it’s worth noting that the program is still in its beta testing phase. As such, only 1,337 users in Singapore are able to try out the program in the meantime.

Image used courtesy of Razer

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