‘Re: Zero’ Season 3: Will Subaru Natsuki return for a 3rd installment?

Re: Zero Season 3

Re: Zero Season 2 has yet to drop its second cour, but the talks about Re: Zero Season 3 are now ongoing.

There is no official confirmation yet about Re: Zero Season 3, but its producer, Sho Tanaka, knows fans will be looking forward to it. As only 12 episodes are left before the second season ends, is it possible for Subaru Natsuki return for the third time?

The second season’s second half

According to Monsters and Critics, the wait for the third season may not be that long as the second season’s next cour will be out soon.

It is coming faster than what fans expect, so a third installment may come sooner than later.

Studio White Fox officially announced the new episodes’ release in 2021, calling it Re: Zero Season 2 Part 2.

However, despite the full seasonal break between the first and second cours, the second half should never be considered Re: Zero Season 3.

The new episodes will feature the continuation of the first cour that ends with a major story arc, based on Tappei Nagatsuki’s light novel series.

The second season has a total of 25 episodes that are divided into two cours. The first cour ended in Episode 13, which was out on Sept. 30.

The second cour, on the other hand, will drop next year, starting with Episode 14.

Re: Zero Season 3

A possible third season in the making

Although no announcement has been made about Re: Zero Season 3 yet, Tanaka is confident that fans will ask for the third installment.

“I’m confident that you’ll all be clamoring for a third season once you’ve finished watching this one,” he told Crunchyroll in an interview.

However, viewers should never take Tanaka’s statement as a confirmation for the third installment’s coming.

Instead, he seemed to tease that the show’s creators are now planning to continue the series due to the positive response it has been receiving.

The Cinemaholic reported that the anime still has “a lot of ground to cover” compared to the original light novel series.

So, just like the second season, the third season may have two cours.

With the lack of Re: Zero Season 3 update, fans may continue watching the anime on Crunchyroll. They can enjoy it with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

On the other hand, viewers can see its dubbed episodes on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VRV.

Its movie version, Re: Zero: Starting Life, is also available for viewing on Crunchyroll.

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