READ: Ever wondered how Ethan Winters looks like?

Ethan Winters, the main protagonist of ‘Resident Evil’ have a face.

Ethan Winters have first appeared in the famous release by Capcom, Resident Evil Bio-hazard, which marked the seventh installation in the game.

This survival horror franchise shifting their series perspective from the third person base to the first person has been a wonderful chance for many players who want to dive into the world of FPS.

Players cannot take a look at Ethan’s face

Resident Evil 7 is committed to that perspective player who saw the game’s events with the help of the protagonist called Ethan Winters eyes almost all the time.

This meant that players never looked at what might be the hero’s face looks like. Starting from the seventh installation of the game, Ethan Winters has been subjected to face many troubles from getting his hands sawed down and then stapling it to do the bare minimum and then from getting his hands cut again. In contrast, he gets chased down the halls of the castle in Resident Evil Village.

Capcom has leaned hard into obscuring Ethan’s face from players, which made his identity a secret and eyes hidden in the shadow even for the next installation of the series.

While getting an official look at Ethan is not really that easy, fans and modders have plucked their character model from the two recent Resident Evil games, giving players a chance to take a look into what the man behind the tortured hands might look like.

The main character’s face was officially rendered

Social media have acted as a boon for helping players understand and know how this man might look. Players might have seen his face in spectacular detail and in what was widely assumed to be an official render of Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7.

The artwork which was first created was obviously fan-made. It was done by a Deviantart user named DemonLeon3D. The artwork he has launched was finally made official, and the model’s face belonged to xKamilliox.

Speaking of which, this person is an artist based in Poland, over Twitter, and he has said that his character model from the series was not uploaded. He noted that Capcom had used the same face model for the character upload of Ethan Winters from

Resident Evil Village, another artist, named Flvck0, has already pulled out from the game files and uploaded it for other artists to use as a reference.

In the latest installation, Ethan’s face is obscured by default. A mod called Ethan Winters Restored will make his full-face visible.


Image courtesy of Au Awesome/YouTube

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