READ: Fix gaming issues with the recent Windows Update

Windows 10 unveils steps to uninstall KB5001330, KB5001337 that cause games unplayable.

KB5001330 & KB5001337: Windows 10 drove an update that accidentally tips issues to most of the games on Windows-enabled devices. The quandaries cover forcibly closing video games, leaped frames, and other flaws and faults. Providentially, there are specific measures users can exert to fix the problem.

Windows made updates to KB5001330 and KB5001337 in their own operating systems. Microsoft highlighted the update to enhance primary input devices, including a mouse, keyboard, and pen. It additionally fixed some defense endanger (vulnerabilities) in “File History” and “Windows Backup.” These updates would spontaneously launch without any user indicating by the subsequent restart of the machine.

But, the updates have produced other problems to the system. Gamers have posted on social media wherein the stated problems, and they’ve also filed multiple cases. It causes damage, though. The greatest of the software remains to crash, causing most online ventures to be impossible to achieve.

Windows 10 Update Issues

There are various concerns listed on the newest update, and it is not particular to a single program. People noted the problems, including blue screens, black screens, non-responsive PCs, and frightening gaming execution.

The gamer addressed a report on his frames per second (fps) beads in the game “Overwatch” from 180fps to 40-45fps. It often leads to delays or disruption for most gamers. Also, their media files have become “unavailable” and “incompatible” following the updates for some people.

It also produces a continuous stutter in “Doom Eternal” with RTX 3070 graphics and Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. The same issue also occurs on the Intel Core i7-9700 processor and RTX 2070 Super GPU.

These statements have spread to the firms, and Nvidia appears to be conscious of the plight, while Microsoft has not responded. Nvidia answered in a discussion forum that users should try going back on the Windows 10 Update KB5000842.

How to Uninstall KB5001330 and KB5001337

The effects are certainly from the KB5001330 and KB5001337 update and not from GPU or hardware dilemmas. Opportunely, the systems appear to heal after uninstalling these KB5001330 and KB5001337 updates. 

  • Open Windows 10 “Settings”
  • Choose “Update and Security”
  • Choose the “Windows Update” option.
  • Access the “View Update History.” It will show the entire update records on the PC taken for the last 30 days. 
  • Explore the KB5001330 and KB5001337.
  • On the top of the screen, there will be the option named “Uninstall Updates.” Click on it and mark the checkboxes “KB5001330” and “KB5001337.”
  • Choose the “Uninstall” button to perform the process.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t say anything about the problem, and they haven’t released any updates to solve the issue. Users can resolve problems by uninstalling the installed updates immediately. 


Image courtesy of AR 4789/YouTube

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