READ: Here are the best Electric-type Pokémons in ‘Pokémon Go’

It’s time to get out of this boring routine you’ve been in. Pokemon Go needs a little more excitement, and these surprisingly shocking Pokemons will do the trick. You won’t be able to resist catching them all!

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that is based on the mechanism of Augmented reality. Players have to use their smartphones and catch Pokemons wherever they go.

With so many variables added to the game, it can be hard for players to determine which one is the strongest and which one lies in the lower rank. While there are many Electric-types of Pokemons added in Pokemon Go, it can be hard for players to know which one is the suit, which is why this list is out here to guide them.


Zekrom is a fifth-generation Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go which has an incredibly high CP. It has a primary focus which boasts mainly on the attack. Zekrom’s defense and stamina are not lacking, and both of them are over 200. Zekrom is counted as a Dual-type Pokemon that boasts both Electric and Dragon.

This means that if players use Fairy, Dragon, Ice, and Ground-type of Pokemons, this Pokemon will fall weak. But this is one note to all the players.

Don’t let these small weaknesses fool you because Zekrom is incredibly capable of handling any attack and is single-handedly responsible for taking down attackers in a match.


Yet this is another Legendary Pokemon in the game of Pokemon Go. Raikou is one of the most versatile Pokemon which players can use for any match they want. This Electric-type Pokemon in the game becomes the strongest Pokemon because of the lack of weaknesses.

In Pokemon Go, the only type that deals with the increased damage incredibly fast is Raikou. Other than this, it even enters a neutral or favorable matchup to defeat any attack.


No list is ever complete without mentioning this mighty Electric-type Pokemon in the game. Zapdos is a Legendary Pokemon, and it has a legacy move called the Thunder Shock. This move is mighty as it can nearly damage any opponent who is battling against this Pokemon.

When pairs the legacy move with the charged move Thunderbolt, players make this Electric-type Pokemon a machine that will decimate any opponent against it.

Capturing this legendary Pokemon requires a lot of time commitment and evolution. It requires a lot of Stadust as well from players. Since it is a powerful addition to the team, such sacrifices are normal.


Image courtesy of MysticUmbreon/YouTube Screenshot

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