READ: Here is how you can save your progress in Resident Evil Village

If you have played the previous Resident Evil game, then you know that players have to keep an eye out on the typewriters in this one.

Players already know about the typewriters or saving stations that are available throughout the game of Resident Evil. Autosave is one of the greatest features of the Resident Evil universe.

One of the best ways bestowed on the video game universe is the ability to save automatically so that players don’t have to work through it.

However, players still appreciate games that allow them to save manually just to be safe. Resident Evil Village picks up where players last left with Ethan Winters. We saw Ethan being the husband of the year with the previous game, and now he will be the father of the year by the end of this harrowing tale.

How to save in the game?

As players get into the skin of Ethan for the game, they will have to explore the intertwining play areas present in Resident Evil Village. He will want to make sure that he saves all his progress along, but how do you do that?

Losing progress in a video game is tough because it causes a lot of time for the players to save throughout the game. There are intricate puzzles and dangerous enemies who lurk in the dark and around every corner present in the castle.

If players are not carrying a supply of first aid kits on them, they might wind up Lycan lunch. This guide will help you focus on how to save your progress in Resident Evil Village.

Players who know about the save station know that they are manual objects present in the game, which can help them save throughout. Players can always save their progress in the game by interacting with a Typewriter and then write ‘Save Game.’

The history of typewriters in the game

Players can have plenty of slots to help them utilize if they want to run multiple files in one game. For instance, once a boss battle is finished, players may opt to back up their save to replay the boss battle without losing any progress. This game even features a simple photo mode.

The photo mode has become a common feature for all the new and modern video games being released. Not only will players be able to save their games at their Typewriters, but also they will be able to find the merchant or the Duke nearby.

It is not guaranteed that players can do the same or not, but it happens often than not.

Resident Evil Biohazard used recorders in place of typewriters to do the same thing right here.


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