READ: Here’s how to unlock Infinite Ammo in ‘Resident Evil Village’

Resident Evil Village can let their players unlock the secret to infinite ammo in the game.

Resident Evil Village is one of the most famous games of the decade as Capcom has finally managed to get a super hit in the numbers.

Now there is a new way to unlock Infinite Ammo for their weapons in Resident Evil Village. This guide is the best way for players to show how they can unlock it and choose to fight off the daughters and every single monster without searching for ammo everywhere.

Resident Evil Village is such a game which have always helped the players with additional challenges and special missions to complete after beating the base game.

How to unlock infinite ammo in the game?

To unlock the infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village, players have to spend a lot of time and effort into the game and finding the location through the playthrough.


On harder difficulties, resources and materials are more scarce than ever before. Although, there is a method for all the players to get Infinite Ammo much easier for every single weapon they own in the game.

Infinite Ammo is supposed to work because the players will need to unlock and upgrade their attachment for that single weapon.

Once that is done, players will have the ability to purchase Infinite Ammo in the game exclusively. This does not carry over to the other weapons and only works for a single weapon itself.

Only one weapon can be upgraded

If the player wants Infinite Ammo for all the different weapon types, they will need to get every upgrade and attachment for that weapon individually. This can be incredibly time-consuming, but there is a method through which the process can be a bit faster than usual.

For starters, players will want to have a file that is close to the final boss of the game. This is likely where players will get the most cash available. Once done, players have to upgrade that their account and not specifically save the file.

To get the Infinite Ammo much easier, the players will want to sell everything they own except for the gun they want infinite ammo. This will allow the player to use the Lei to purchase all the upgrades they need and then finally reach the criteria to unlock Infinite ammo in the game.

This is important.

Players need to head back to the menu without saving after this is done. Now players can head over to the extra content shop and purchase the infinite ammo for the weapon they want.


Image courtesy of Dark Silence Reviews/YouTube

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