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Read: How to beat team Go Rocket leader Sierra in ‘Pokemon Go’


Pokemon Go is one of the most engrossing games right now, and to beat the Team Rocket Go leader, here are few tips.

Whether you are finishing your special research storylines in Pokemon Go that might help you to pit you against the trio or if you are in search of more shadow pokemons and you accidentally come across Sierra, a familiar foe, it is inevitable that during the match, you are bound to encounter Sierra.

Her lineup and weakness often change, so make sure that you get a proper backup and understand her movesets by checking and going back to the Pokemon Go Sierra counter guide to help you win.

1: Carvanha counters in ‘Pokemon Go’

Carvanha cannot be considered a strong Pokemon. It is a Water and a Dark-type Pokemon, so there might be a lot of counters. You can set Carvanha off with the help of these particular movesets.

  • Togekiss, which can do Charm or Ancient Power.
  • Hydreigon, which can do Dragon Breath or even Dark Pulse.

2: Hippowdon counters

Hippowdon is mostly a Ground-type fellow. All the movesets associated with Hippowdon are mainly related to Earth-type movements and even violent sneaky attacks.

When given a chance to face a Water-type Pokemon, Hippowdon might slow down and get subjected to weakness. Here are some of the counters which can set it down.

  • Torterra, which can do Razor Leaf.
  • Kyogre, which can mainly do Waterfall or the Surf attack.
  • Rhyperior, which can also be used for Surf attack or a Mud slap.

3: Porygon-Z counters

Porygon Z is a normal type of Pokemon. If you pair it up with Machop in a fight, it will most likely lose the match. Any normal pokemon cannot take the brutal attack of constant hits from a fighter-type.

Here are some of the moves which you can use as a counter:

  • Machamp, which is mainly used for Counter or even a Close type of combat.
  • Machop, which can use sidekicks and a gut punch.
  • Hariyama, which can be used for a hard-hitting dynamic punch.

4. Flygon counters

Flygon is mostly a dragon type or a flyer Pokemon. Ideally, if you use a shield-type Pokemon, then you can have all the chances of blocking its attack right from the sky. Here are some of the counter moves to try out on Flygon.

  • Gardevoir, who can be used for Charm or even synchronize.
  • Alolan Ninetales is a good Pokemon to try out for Weather Ball or even a ground-cracking Power Snow.

Image courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube

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