READ: How to catch Binacle in ‘Pokemon GO’?

Pokemon Go has brought yet another Pokemon to its added lineup.

Another new aquatic Pokemon have been added to the lineup of Pokemon Go. Binacle and Barbaracle are two Pokemons that will ship out in the coming Sustainability Week of the game.

How to catch this new Pokemon?

Catching this Barnacle pal will be different than the other Pokemons present in Pokemon Go. However, if players want to skip down some options to start hunting these Pokemons down, then there are few ways to do it.

Technically, the developers have not been clear about the appearance. Barbaracle is yet to be confirmed in the game, but the chances of Binacle appearing without the handy evolution is quite unlikely.

Right now, in Pokemon Go, it is unable to say when this Pokemon will appear in the match. But as said, since this Pokemon is a wild type, the player can find it near aquatic water bodies.

However, there is a catch. There is an off chance that Binacle will be completely even dependent. This means that players have to wait for the Sustainability Week launch in Pokemon Go and then catch this Pokemon.

It is rumored that players need to spend 50 candies for this Pokemon to evolve. So players have to aim to acquire as many candies as they want before the week’s end.

Will this Pokemon show up in raids?

The Barnacle Pokemon in Pokemon Go will supposedly show up in the raids of the Sustainability week.

The week will start from April 20th. The developers have not confirmed yet, but they can find out, ruling out Binacle in 3-star raids.

These raids are not meant to be terribly difficult. But these are good options for players to gather up the fun while being with their friends and conducting face-offs against competitions.

It is confirmed for now that there are few ways to get Binacle into the trap. Players can complete the Pokemon Go Research Tasks and capture this lovely Pokemon.

Even if there are people who are not ready to participate in raids, they will catch this Pokemon off guard. As for actually catching it, there are few ways through which this Pokemon can be collected.

Players can pop out some raspberries and feed this Pokemon to lure it in. There are different other ways, such as masking them with scents’ help to lure them in a particular spot. Players of Pokemon Go have to wait for this week to catch this cool Pokemon set while in the game.


Image courtesy of Nirth/YouTube Screenshot

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