READ: How to catch Shiny Happiny in ‘Pokemon Go’

“Shiny Happiny,” one of the cutest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, will soon appear in the game, and this guide shall help players how to catch it.

For now, it will be much easier for players to catch Shiny Happiny in Pokemon Go. This guide is right here for players who are looking forward to catching this cute Pokemon in the game.

The Spring event is coming in

Pokemon Go is soon to celebrate its Spring event in 2021. Starting from the 4th of April and ending on the 8th of April, this amazing event will allow players to collect and catch a lot of Shiny Pokemons.

Players will be entitled to get double amounts of hatch candy, even double for the time for Lucky Eggs when compared to last year, half the distance for eggs to hatch for freshly incubated eggs and other handfuls of Pokemons who are going to appear wearing a flower crown.

Some of the Pokemons who will be seen wearing the crown are Eevee, Pikachu, and even our beloved Happiny. 

Those players who are lucky enough might get a chance to catch the Shiny Crowned Happiny. If you are playing this game for the first time, or even if you are a professional player, this guide will help you find out how to catch this dashing Pokemon.

How can you catch ‘Happiny’ in the game?

In order for players to catch the ever cute Happiny, they need to incubate a Pokemon starting from the 4th of April. If players get an egg on the same date, it is important to incubate it as fast as possible before the event ends.

During the week, Happiny will slow tend to appear in the 2km eggs. Since this is such a short distance, players can try and clear the rest of the egg inventory before the event begins.

Eevee and Pikachu are some of the Pokemons that can appear and hatch in the 2km eggs as well.

Shiny Happiny is a much brighter pink than the original version of the Pokemon. Fortunately, if players hatch eggs during the event, then it means that there is a double amount of candy during this period, which might make it easier to get a Shiny Chansey and Happiny. 

Pokemon Go will continue to provide timed events and research-based tasks for players throughout the year.

The game has introduced several other features, such as the referral system for collecting bonus points.


Image courtesy of MonkeyKingHero/YouTube Screenshot

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