Read: How to complete all ‘Pokemon Go Charge Up’ research tasks

The Pokemon Go Charge Up event is already here, so this is a guide for all the players who want to complete their research tasks.

The Pokemon Go Charge Up event has plenty of new additions to be coming on for next week. But before the season enrolls, the players should get a probable heads up of how to complete all the research tasks in this event.

What is the event all about?

The Pokemon Go Charge Up is all about catching electric-type pokemons on Pokemon Go. Event-based around one type has gone live in the past, such as the Bug Out event, which helped players charge, evolve, and even catch various bug-type pokemons.

In the new Pokemon Go Charge Up, all the wild electric pokemons will appear consistently throughout the game, and the raid rotations will be based on these types of pokemons as well.

The poster boy for this week’s Pokemon Go Charge Up is Therian Forme Thundurus, who is both a dual-type pokemon. Thundurus can fly and is based on the Electric Legendary cycle as the pokemon is already a debut option in the game for the coming event.

Keeping up with the electric theme of Pokemon Go Charge Up, every player has to complete their set of research tasks to get various electric-type pokemon and even basic rewards. Players can even land their hand on the Mega Manectric Energy and plenty of rewards that await them after the completion of each and every single task.

How can you complete your set of tasks in this event?

The Pokemon Go Charge Up is not really that difficult. But these tasks are extremely time-consuming. As long as players start before the final day, it will be completely manageable for them to complete the tasks appointed in their list.

Some of the tasks which appear in the game are:

  • Catch 5 electric-type pokémons – Pikachu encounter
  • Evolve a pokémon – Voltorb encounter
  • Power-up pokémon 5 times – 10x Poké Ball
  • Make 3 Nice Throws in a row – Magnemite encounter
  • Make 3 Curveball Throws – Magnemite encounter

The game’s Charge Up event is one of the first events, which is a debut during the Season of Legends. Developers share that they are working on new content for the game as a lot of players have expressed their feedback, and most of them love the additional new features that have been happening in the updated version.


Image courtesy of Toonn India/YouTube

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