Read: How to take a proper ‘Pokemon Go’ snapshot

Pokemon Go is a game through which players can catch all pokemons by seeing through the lens of a phone or a Pokemon Go snapshot.

Pokemon Go is a popular game worldwide as this augmented reality game has managed to introduce a lot of features with the additional seasons. A lot of players out there will call it a challenge to take a Pokemon Go snapshot, but it is pretty easy to capture your Pokemons picture.

There are a couple of routes that players can take in order to get a snapshot of their pokemon in Pokemon Go.

What is the easiest way to get a ‘Pokemon Go’ snapshot?

The easiest way through which you can get a Pokemon Go snapshot is to simply go to the Pokemon menu or inventory and select a Pokemon that you would like a shot of in the game.

Once the player is done selecting their favorite Pokemon, of whom the snapshot will be taken, they can check out at the top right corner of the screen, which falls right under the favorite stars.

A camera icon is located right there, and players need to tap onto the icon. This will bring a screen in front of the players from where they can get the Pokemon GO snapshot.

If players have the AR activated, then they are permitted to look around and take a snapshot of the entire place. But a lot of players have complained that turning the camera on is a complicated process as it can cause a lot of lag while taking the actual image.

What are the other methods to get the shot?

There are a lot of other quick methods when you are taking the Pokemon Go snapshot.

Players have bought the stat screen anytime whenever they catch a Pokemon. Right from there, players can tap onto the same photo symbol and click a snapshot of their Pokemon as they wish to like.

If players search, then there is a Pokemon Go snapshot camera that is present inside the item bag. Players just have to take the camera from there, tap onto the screen and then take the image as they like.

These snapshots are really important and useful for people as they move past their journey. For many of the field research tasks there, players can use these captured moments from the game and get various information that might help them.


Image courtesy of The Trainer Club/YouTube

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