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Read: Is an essential confession in ‘Boruto: Next Generations’ deleted?


Although fans of Boruto Uzumaki are following how he will evolve and surpass his father, Naruto, fans can’t keep themselves from gushing over the hidden leaf ninja colleagues confessing their feelings for Boruto. However, fans are now asking why the story is skipped.

The hero-blooded Boruto has many things to worry about these days, and it isn’t likely that dating is chief amongst them. However, the new genin has a lot to prove to the world that hasn’t stopped fans from matching him with his teammate Sarada.

With the recent omission in the anime, fans are now in full scrutiny, with the ship harder than ever before.

Is Boruto not Sarada’s type?

Fans stuck their eyes to Team 7 as they explored the science labs where Katasuke works in the most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

During the trip, the gang also reunited with Sumire as she works with the professor. However, before Team 7 headed on a mission to check with Konohamaru, it seems Sumire failed to speak with Sarada.

For the manga readers, the scene in question is infamous. While Sarada and Sumire were chatting side by side, the latter admits she likes Boruto. The revelation took Sarada by surprise.

Furthermore, Sumire casually asked the Uchiha heiress whether she likes Boruto. Then Sarada reveals that she doesn’t feel that same way. However, before the two parted ways, Sumire hums in disbelief.

Fans asking the skip of the romance roundabout

Moreover, this same part of the manga was skipped entirely. Before Team 7 heads out, Sarada and Sumire have a quick goodbye. Fans are now left wondering why this romance roundabout was left out of the anime.

Although Sarada and Boruto are both trendy ships within the fandom, others envision the latter with someone else. The other fans also believe that because Sumire’s personality in the show is far different from that in the manga, the anime omitted the conversation.

Sumire’s baited tease for Sarada doesn’t suit her in this medium like it did on print. But this could change in the future.

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