READ: Is Google developing an Android version of Apple’s ‘Find My’ Network?


Google may be developing an Android version of Apple Find My Network.

Google may be developing an Android version of the popular Apple’s “Find My” Network. Because Apple strictly controls its iOS system, it can build a huge Android device finder, just like Apple.

Many companies even released a Bluetooth tracker called AirTags, developed by Apple, according to XDA developers. It is known as the most efficient tracker in the world.

The only company that can build a network of different devices like Apple is Google because the widely used Google Play Services application exists on almost all Android devices.

Widely used OS

Google has also recognized this fact and is even preparing to build a huge new network of different devices for collaboration. The new version of Google Play services 21.24.13 was just released today as a beta version, and XDA developers could decipher it.

The researchers were then able to find lines that indicated that Google is currently developing a version of its “Find My Device” network, which relies on Google Play services to help find other phones.

Google currently offers the “Find My Device” app in the Play Store.

However, you can only find devices that are directly logged into the user’s Google account. When the “Find My Device” is enabled, users can help other Android users find their devices. The popular Android operating system Although Android can be found on different devices, it still exists.

Find My Network: GMS Play Store

Of the more than 3 billion devices running operating systems globally, a large portion may be smartphones. The popular Play Service application is pre-installed on many Android smartphones sold outside of China.

This means that the device can participate in the entire “Find My Device” network. In the background, the official Google Play services are an integral part of Google Mobile Services or GMS.

This is a collection of apps from Google. And the company’s services for smartphone manufacturers who want to sell Android devices.

GMS Play Store GMS will also include the entire Play Store, which is the largest app store in the entire Android ecosystem.

The Play Store on your Android device should also contain many different components from Google mobile services. For example: For those who are worried about losing their smartphones, we want a new Android version of Android with Apple’s popular “Find My network.”

The device will soon be discovered like other Apple devices with AirTags. Of course, users still have to see how this is achieved if it happens.


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