READ: Is Whang-Od’s consent not included in Nas Academy contract?

The NCIP-CAR claimed Nas Academy developed a traditional tattooing course without Whang Od’s consent.

The results refute Nas Academy’s prior assertion that they obtained Whang-consent, Od’s which they “supported” with video.

NCIP-CAR stated in a news release on August 29 that “Apo Whang-Od is unaware of any contract and has not appended her thumb mark to any contract for this account.”
According to the NCIP-CAR statement, Nas Academy did not explain or discuss contract requirements, and “what was promised of her is exterior to the contract.”

NCIP-CAR to back up Wang Od’s camp

The NCIP-CAR stated it would assist Whang-Od and her community if they chose to sue.
The NCIP-CAR discovered this near Buscalan, Kalinga, on August 17.

The NCIP-CAR Team, led by regional director Marlon Bosantog, studied the alleged contract and spoke to Whang-Od, her family, and Buscalan officials.

A Nas Academy course that claimed to “reveal all the ceremonies, equipment, and procedures for creating traditional tattoos” sparked the inquiry.

While the Nas Academy canceled the course after online criticism, the NCIP-CAR announced it will investigate the contract and its conditions.

The NCIP-CAR ruled the deal was grossly onerous to Whang-Od.

According to their evaluation, Nas Academy would own the material of the show or online lesson, including the right to change, assign, and transfer the same without content.
Anglo-Singaporean interaction appears to have been

Also, the NCIP-CAR questioned the thumb mark on the contact as it differed from a thumb mark on a clean piece of paper. The same is currently being forensically studied, the statement added.

Teaching the tattoo art may kill the culture-based tourism

But having Whang-approval Od’s on the contract and online course isn’t enough. Because tattooing is part of their culture, the legislation in the Philippines requires agreement from the entire tribe, not only Whang-Od.

According to the NCIP-CAR, teaching the special tattoo art on an open platform accessible to millions of individuals would render it generic and therefore lose its cultural meaning.

In addition, the NCIP-CAR warns that the internet platform may kill their culture-based tourism.

They should be culturally attentive and shall undertake necessary care recognizing her status as a community culture bearer, the NCIP-CAR stated.

Whang-Od, a 104-year-old traditional tattoo artist, is a national celebrity.

In 2018, the NCCA gave her the Dangal ng Haraya Award for Intangible Cultural Heritage. Filipino artists and cultural workers must be living to be eligible for the prize.


Image courtesy of Matador Network/YouTube

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