Read: Learn how to get ground/flying type pokemon Gligar on ‘Pokemon Go’

If you are a fan of the ground and flying type pokemons, then Gligar might be the best choice since this comes with proper counterattacks.

Pokemon Go is a game that is making quite a buzz in the gaming world these days. Starting from catching ground and flying-type pokemons to fire, players can get every single pokemons right onto their poke balls with the help of exploration and strategies.

The new-age technology has been implemented in the famous game as players can catch pokemons while traveling anywhere in the world. The use of Augmented Reality and GPS are the main functions needed to run the game.

If you are a fan of the pokemon Gligar, then here is a guide to catching it.

How can you get Gligar?

Gligar is ground and flying-type pokemon which you are going to get most in the Jhoto Region. Moreover, Gligar is a representation of more like a bat-type pokemon.

Gligar will leech and sit on the face of their enemies until they are defeated. Gligar is evolved into the higher level called Gliscor, and a player needs to find about 100 candies and a Sinnoh Stone so that they can start the evolution process if you wish to get the pokemon.

Gligar added to your collection, plus the use of incense and a mystic scent, are the perfect ways to capture them right into your trap. All you have to do is to light the incense while you are walking around and catching pokemons.

Players should even have the following things so that they can get Gligar added to their list. Every single player needs to have ultra balls, great balls and even Razz berries so that they can increase their chances of catching Gligar.

What to know about Gligar

Gligar is ground and flying-type Pokemon. It has a max CP of 2099, 143 attacks, 184 defenses, and 163 stamina in the game. Gligar is most vulnerable to all the water and ice type moves.

The two main attacks that Gligar is famous for are the Wing Attack and even Ariel Ace. Both of these two attacks consist of a DPS of 9.02.

It might be hard to catch Gligar from the first run since it is mostly a rare type of flying and ground pokemon. You need to spend hours hooked onto your phone and walking onto various locations while you catch Gligar.

Pokemon Go can now be downloaded free of charge on both Android and Apple Store.


Image courtesy of RaZzi/YouTube Screenshot

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