READ: Lenovo releases a new lineup of accessories for Laptops

Lenovo today announced a new accessory brand called Lenovo Go. It includes portable peripherals such as wireless laptop charging kits, a vertical mouse, and an ergonomic split keyboard.

The company also boasted two new mobile displays. These new products complement the product lines released by ThinkPad and ThinkVision, and they may work well with some of these peripherals.

We were able to go hand in hand with some of these products before Lenovo’s public release. And you can see our first impression of the launch of the Go wireless charging kit.

The fascinating announcement of Lenovo Go is the manufacturer’s USB-C wireless charging kit. The company designs laptops for charging via USB-C ports. A carpet that is firmly fixed to the desk and plugged into an electrical outlet.

Lenovo Go Price and Specs

A single slim connector plugs into the bottom of your laptop. It is used to connect the power plug to the USB-C port on the device. The bottom of the connector has two metal contacts facing downwards.

The entire top is an upward metal contact surface. When the laptop is placed on the charging pad, the laptop can be charged wirelessly only through an appropriate surface.

A charging station connected to an electrical outlet powers your laptop. After plugging it in, you only need to unplug the laptop from the base station when needed.  So, you don’t have to unplug the computer every time like a cordless phone charger.

The charging board on the side of the laptop is connected to the rail at the bottom of the laptop. As long as it is charged via USB-C, both Lenovo and non-Lenovo laptops can be used. Check out the video to see how it works.

The Go wireless charging kit will be available in October for $139.99, along with an ergonomic mouse and split keyboard. We also carefully studied some of the more traditional peripherals, although each peripheral has a (cork) twist.

Travel-targeted laptops and handy peripherals

The keyboard adopts an ergonomic design with separate keys and a raised curved center. This type of split keyboard layout takes some time to adapt. But for some desktop keyboards (especially mechanical or ergonomic keyboards), it is a niche keyboard.

A raised center layout is more common, and both should be more comfortable. The palm rest is made of cork, partly beautiful and partly comfortable. It is softer than plastic but is coated and has a long life.

In addition, Go Wireless Split is a simple Bluetooth keyboard, which will be available in October, priced at $89.99.

Lenovo has produced similar devices under the ThinkVision (and more travel-targeted laptop producing companies) brand.

We have been a loyal supporter of the company’s previous efforts to submit ThinkVision M14t for editorial approval. However, these new versions have brought some changes. Lenovo now offers two options, M15 and L15.

The L15 will be launched in September at $229.99. The M15 will be launched sometime in the third quarter at $219.99.


Image courtesy of MTTModev/YouTube

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