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Read: This is how you find a shiny Voltorb in ‘Pokemon Go’


If you are a fan of the shiny Voltorb in the game Pokemon Go, then here is your chance to grab this amazing electric type of pokemon.

Pokemon Go will soon be featuring Voltorb in its own hour. Players who want their hand on the shiny new additional pokemon, here is your way to do it.

Every week, due to the introduction of a new season in Pokemon Go, there is a spotlight hour where featured pokemons are displayed. On Tuesday, March 16th, Voltorb will be displayed as the newest addition. The shiny pokemon series starts at the local timing and ends in an hour.

During that time, you can check that Voltorb is spawned at increased rates.

How to catch shiny Voltorb?

Pokemon Go players who are in populated areas need to have a proper strategy to catch Voltorb. Especially if you have incense, then you can catch Voltorb at an increased rate.

When a pokemon has a far higher spawn rate, it means that its chances of being a shiny pokemon are 100%. It is easy to tell if Voltorb appears to be shiny. The normal color of this pokemon is red, but a shiny Voltorb appears in blue.

Typically, all the pokemons in the game have their shiny form. It takes time for some pokemons to spawn as they are already present in the list. Luckily if you are a Pokemon Go player, then the spotlight hour is the best opportunity for you to catch the shiny form of Voltorb.

This is the best chance of getting a shiny Voltorb

As with all the other pokemons in the game, there is no guaranteed method from where you can acquire its shiny form. At the end of the day, it completely falls back to the player’s luck and their severe consistency in the game.

That is where Spotlight hour is the best time for players to grab a chance at shiny Voltorb. In that hour, the odds of getting a shiny new Voltorb are much higher than the normal game settings. Players should take certain advantage of this hour as they want to capture Voltorb and use it for their next battle.

Players who are worrying that they might miss the spotlight hour don’t have to worry anymore. Even after the shiny hour, players can catch a shiny Voltorb.

It is possible to get as many shiny pokemons as players want in the new Pokemon Go Charge Up Event. In this event, starting from March 16th, the complete focus will be on Electric-type pokemons that include Voltorb.

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