READ: tinyBuild announces New Midnight Show Horror Game

Hooray! There is a list of horror games announced by tinyBuild right on the way.

A new Indie video game developer in town named tinyBuild, and the developer is completely responsible for all the Hello Neighbor horror game series.

But there is something quite prominent which is going to come our way.

What are the new announcements from their end?

They are announcing their prequel to all those Hello Puppets VR Games as these horror games will work on precision, timely horror elements, and of course, a dash of adventure.

The new game is entitled Hello Puppets! Midnight Show, the game completely revolves around the main character called Owen Gubberson.

He is the famous 1980’s showrunner of a Muppet’s knockoff show. The whole scenario of the new game is bizarre because the developers now focus on something largely based on puppets.

As checked, puppets are really the true element of a good horror game because they are based on adding a touch of realism to games based on codes. According to gamers, most of them are attracted to games with a different meaning of horror attached to them.

The new game is part of the same genre as Owen. Here is mainly the sadistic torturer who will escape from his own television show to make sure that he has some fun. The team’s premise has also been shared by the team as they have said that the whole point is to focus mainly on Owen and his mischievous ways of doing things.

What is the plot?

Since he is a Puppet Master and the creator of Mortimers Handymen, it is called a muppet knockoff on the verge of cancellation. But there is a catch to it.

One night, Owen realizes that he can tackle the whole world by channelizing his puppets and bringing them back to life, which drives the game’s premise.

We realize that puppets are meant to be this jolly and optimistic being who does not have a sense of their own, but these puppets are completely different from what you think. They are sadistic, pure evil, and knows only one aim in their mind, and that is to keep themselves out of people’s grasp as they wish to conquer the world one after the other.

Gamers are waiting for all the ways to tackle this crazy run of affairs as the developers have not set a launch date of the series, but they have something bigger in line for players to wait for.


Image courtesy of SuperHorrorBro/YouTube

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