READ: Where to find Grass-type Pokemon in ‘Pokemon GO’?

Players are now finding new means through which they can capture Grass-type Pokemons on Pokemon Go.

Trainers are in absolute luck because finding Grass-type Pokemons on Pokemon Go is a catch. They’re literally everywhere, and catching them has never been easier!

These are incredibly common Pokemons

Throughout the entire game of Pokemon Go trainers will find that the Grass-type Pokemons are incredibly common. Recently in the game Pokemon Go, Aloha Exeggutor was featured as the Raid Boss. Other grass-type Pokemons such as Chikorita and Oddish were also featured in the game.

Bulbasaur is one of the most common Grass-type Pokemon to be featured on Pokemon Go. It is the original Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex that is really great to find. Players can evolve this famous Pokemon into the venomous Venusaur as well.

Where can you find these Pokemons?

Pokemon Go is a versatile game that enables players to catch a wide array of Pokemons. Players can share their referral codes with their friends to earn extra points and catch more Pokemons later. To catch the Grass-type of Pokemons in this game, here are some tips to follow.

In the game of Pokemon Go, Pokemons are theoretically spawning anywhere. There are, however, certain natural areas where players can find particular types of Pokemons. These types are called the Grass-type Pokemons, found in areas with trees or an abundance of flora since these Pokemons resembles plant life.

It seems great for people who live in rural areas. Gardens are supposedly a good place for all the Grass-type Pokemons to spawn. For those fortunate enough to live inside a jungle, it is a matter of no time for them to get their hands on Grass-type Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

Naturally, players can find these Pokemons lying on the lawns and the patches of grass. These are the common congregate of the Pokemons. However, these areas might not be as reliable as it sounds.

Grassy areas are mainly the hotspots for many types of Pokemons, such as the Bug, Normal, and Ground-types. Players don’t need to find a Grass-type Pokemon spawning if they try to catch them in their backyard.

While it may be hard, not everyone lives in the suburban area or inside a log cabin in the wilderness. There are other places where players can easily catch Grass-type of Pokemons in Pokemon Go. For people who are living in the city, it may be hard for them to come by Grass-type Pokemons idly gazing.


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