Real estate crypto Breezecoin now listed on Bithumb Global

Real estate crypto Breezecoin now listed on Bithumb Global

Breezecoin (BRZE), a real estate cryptocurrency, has been recently listed on crypto trading platform Bithumb Global on April 29.

Breezecoin is a cryptocurrency issued by Breeze de Mar, a real estate company based in the United Kingdom with more than 60 years of experience in the industry.

BRZE is an ERC-20 decentralized token based on Ethereum and is currently traded in two active markets. According to their website, the focus of the token is the industry of “tourism and real estate.”

Breezecoin to eliminate ‘high barrier to entry’

BRZE claims that they want to make real estate investments more accessible and inclusive to everyone by way of lowering the barriers to entry.

Harald Kendzia, chief executive officer of Breezecoin, said:

“We envision a world where everyone has the right to invest in any asset securely and conveniently. With decades of experience in real estates, we’ve built a system to empower people to invest in properties conveniently by eliminating the high barrier to entry.”

What is the BRZE coin good for?

BRZE tokens can be used to access the projects being developed by Breeze de Mar. Like other startups, they usually mint utility tokens to make investment opportunities accessible to more people.

According to its release, the value of BRZE is pegged on real estate assets under the real estate project of Breeze de Mar. They can use BRZE to invest in the resorts being developed by Breeze de Mar.

Real Estate and Resorts

BRZE can also be used as a medium of exchange. It can be used to pay for goods and services in Breeze de Mar’s establishments at discounted rates.

Finally, BRZE provides its users with staking bonuses. The holders of the token can receive as much as eight percent interest monthly interest earnings, in proportion with the amount of tokens each user is holding.

Where is BRZE today?

BRZE staking also promises minimal risks to its users by allotting 10% of their funds for financial coverage. This is managed by a legal firm in Germany to assure that the funds earmarked for financial coverage will not be used in BRZE’s working capital.

The announcement reads:

“The deposits and withdrawals of Breezecoin (BRZE) on Bithumb Global will be available from April 27th and April 29th at 9am CET respectively. The spot trading pair BRZE/BTC will go live on April 29th at 9am CET.”

BRZE looks forward to its listing on Bitthumb.

Bitthumb is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Korea. The exchange belongs to the five biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

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