Real Madrid, Barcelona go neck and neck, Real gets two-point cushion

Real Madrid, Barcelona go neck and neck, Real gets two-point cushion

An exciting turn of events has led to a promising Real Madrid and FC Barcelona La Liga finale. A recent win earns Madrid a two-point cushion.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are hard at work for this season’s title. While the two sit comfortably at the top of the La Liga standings, tension heats up with only a two-point difference between them.

Last week’s series of matches brought two types of headlines—bad and good. While Real is said to be very close to the La Liga glory, issues loom Barcelona due to their last match, which might result in a coach getting sacked after the season.

The Real Madrid two-point cushion match

Real Madrid went up against Espanyol on Sunday which resulted in a 0-1 game, in favor of the former. The winning shot was brought by Karim Benzema’s “audacious back-heel assist” that paved for Carlos Henrique Casimiro’s goal kick, just before half-time.

The Sunday winning match earned them their “fifth consecutive victory” and a two-point lead against Barcelona.

Goal reports that if Real Madrid plays their cards right in their remaining six games, then a  La Liga Player of the Year prize (for Benzema), wouldn’t be as far fetched as many would think. Most especially, with “Cristiano Ronaldo no longer calling Spain his home.”

The Barcelona vs Celta Vigo slip-up

Meanwhile, FC Barcelona was in a tight match against Celta Vigo last Saturday, with a 2-2 draw. NBC Sports notes, “Barcelona was held by Celta Vigo to 2-2 after conceding in the 88th minute on Saturday, opening the way for Madrid to take sole possession of the lead.”

The sports media outlet quotes Barca striker Luis Suarez saying, “It’s a disappointing feeling, we lost two very important points in the fight for the title. Now we have to wait for Real Madrid to lose some points.”

Barca’s two points against Celta were courtesy of Suarez, who hadn’t reportedly scored until last Saturday following his right knee surgery in January.

Currently, on the hot seat, Barca coach Quique Setien had this to say after losing the chance to lead the La Liga standings, “Our margin for error is getting smaller. We have to win everything and hope that our rival makes mistakes.”

As of this writing, Real Madrid sits at top of the standing with 71 points, while Barcelona struggles to lead with 69. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid at third place with 58 points. Sevilla and Villareal are following closely behind the fourth and fifth sport with 54 and 51 points, respectively.

Will Barcelona be able to snatch the top rank from Real? Or will Real Madrid take this to the very end of La Liga Season 2019-20? Stay tuned for more updates.


Featured image courtesy of LaLiga English/Twitter

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