Real Madrid confirms Javi Sanchez transfer deal to Valladolid

Real Madrid confirms Javi Sanchez transfer deal to Valladolid

Central defender Javi Sanchez is now officially playing for Real Valladolid after Real Madrid confirms the transfer deal.

Javi Sanchez was just supposed to be on loan for Valladolid for the 2019 campaign. However, it turns out that Real Madrid will be making Sanchez’s team hop permanent.

Sanchez, although on a Valladolid loan, wasn’t actually seen much due to a reported ankle injury. He did appear on two games last year and a bit of a bench cameo on last Saturday’s post-COVID-19 match against Leganes in the La Liga 2019-2020 campaign.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane breaks the news

The official transfer deal officially came from the La Liga Club manager of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, on Tuesday. The statement was posted on the football league’s official website, which reads:

Real Madrid C. F. and Real Valladolid C. F. have agreed the transfer of Javi Sánchez.

The club would like to thank Javi Sánchez for all these years of commitment, professionalism and exemplary conduct, ever since he joined our academy in 2005 at 8 years old, and we wish him the best of luck in this new stage of his career.

The now 23-year-old defender was promoted for the Real Madrid senior team in 2018, after being with them since he was eight.

Real Valladolid is said to be keen on keeping Sanchez as they think highly of him as their next defender after Mohammed Salisu is reportedly set to leave the club in the next transfer window.

This would mean a bigger chance for the young defender to appear in the Primera Division in the years to come. He is set to play for the new team until 2024.

Transfer fees and player exchange

According to media outlets, the transfer fee of the Javi Sanchez deal has not been announced. Per Transfer Markt, Sanchez’s market value is £1.08 million [AUD$1.97 million].

However, at the end of May, ESPN reported about the state of the League’s transfer market after being gravely hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The online sports publication quotes Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu saying, “This summer, there will be very little money in the transfer market. Clubs will have to do a lot of player exchanges to get deals done.”

In a more recent report, the media outlet further expressed the financial impact to be felt in today’s transfer market, as the football league resumes its game season. ” As a result, clubs will turn to swap deals in a bid to move players on and bring in others for a cheaper fee,” per ESPN

There has been rumored news, however—in the days prior to the official transfer announcement— that Valladolid was about to close in on a deal for Sanchez at €4 million-€5 million. This will reportedly let Real Madrid have a “buy-back option and a percentage of a future sale.”


Featured image courtesy of Real Madrid

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