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Reality TV-based game ‘Rival Peak’ crosses 22 million views!


Interactive reality TV show-based game Rival Peak has become a breakout hit, suddenly, since its launch. It just crossed 22 million views!

According to Games Industry, Rival Peak has now crossed 22 million views since its launch. So far, 600,000 unique visitors have interacted with this reality TV show-based game. In simple words, it’s a hybrid between a video game and a show.

Facebook live streams this game, which is also a reality TV program.

Rival Peak: The new breakout hit

Speaking of what’s there in this unique blend of a show and a game, the title features AI contestants. The audience influences them, that is, the viewers who interact with the gaming show. It is streamed 24 hours a day since its release on December second, last year. Will Wheaton hosts the weekly recap episodes.

Rival Peak has achieved 22 million viewers for its first six episodes. With that, 600,000 visitors have interacted with it since the day it launched. Interestingly, it has become trendy in countries like Mexico, India, the US, and Brazil.

Initially, Rival Peak was released on Android and for PC as well. On Jan. 20, it also arrived for iOS devices. It will keep airing until February 26. Pipeworks Studios develop the reality TV show-based game in a partnership with streaming company Genvid Technologies.

In a recent interaction with a news portal, Pipeworks’ CEO Jacob Navok said that the show is a big opportunity for many game developers.

Is reality TV the new future of video games?

With the new trends arriving rapidly in the gaming arena, it seems like the entire concept of video games for players will change soon. Because now new titles are releasing, from new studios, which are redefining gaming.

What Rival Peak proves is the immense scope for the future of video games. That they can be even more interactive and immersive than previously thought, one day, there might be just one way of playing a new title. And it won’t be an exception if all those future games look like the one from Pipeworks Studios right now. It means that upcoming developers may start a new tradition of visualizing and designing a multiple consoles project.

Although the current legacy of single-player-campaign-style gaming will remain popular in coming years, few things will change. And that may be the way they and users interact with them, in story and gameplay. It will come close to experiencing real-life incidents, and the virtual characters might become a crucial part of our lives!

Is that a good thing? Well, it depends on how gamers react to such upcoming transitions.

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