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Realme UI 2.0 early access is coming this September 24


Realme has announced that Realme UI 2.0 will arrive this November but with early access coming in this September 24.

Realme UI has a lot of similarities with its sister software from Oppo. However, Realme UI 2.0 will offer more customization options compared to the current ColorOS version.

The smoothest Android UI today is still stock Android while other OEMs like OnePlus add their own touch. Despite the great experience on stock Android, manufacturers add features on their own system to differentiate their units.

That being said, what are the changes coming to the new Realme UI?

Realme UI 2.0 offers three improvement points

According to Realme, there will be three different aspects of improvement in the new UI. Creativity, sociability, and productivity are the key points this time.

Realme claims that creativity allows users to go all out in customizing their smartphones. Following the tagline “Express Yourself”, the upcoming software update expands theme customization.

Besides the improved themes, Realme modified the “Always-on-display” feature. It now has five different themes with a unique customization engine. This allows users to try different patterns depending on preference.

The new update improved Dark Mode as well. Instead of having a single dark theme system-wide, users may now choose between different levels of darkness.

Realme UI 2.0 acknowledges that its users may opt for third-party launchers. Thus, the software now allows launchers to access different stock customization options.

Users may now create a notification bar or customize their icons without any restrictions.

Better privacy and sharing features

The second key point that Realme mentioned is sociability. With that in mind, Realme developed the Realme Share feature.

This new feature allows Realme smartphone users to share files over Wi-Fi. Realme added Dual Mode Music Share that is similar to file sharing. This gives users the option to play music in-between two Realme devices.

Social media lovers may take advantage of Subtitle Stitching. What this does is it gives users the option to post music lyrics on social media in a well-formatted template.

These features are great. But for regular smartphone users, security is the top priority.

The new Private Space feature now allows users to create a different app drawer that needs a PIN code to access. No need to install third-party app privacy software.

Another new feature is called the Invisible Door. It gives out empty data to any application that tries to access private information.

Other features include Security Shield with Harassment Call Blocking and Pseudo Site Blocking.

Work better with Realme

The last among the key point is productivity. The upcoming software now has its own version of Digital Wellbeing.

For those who are unaware, Digital Wellbeing apps allow users to focus on productivity by blocking unnecessary apps such as Facebook or Twitter.

Realme is implementing its own Digital Health feature. It gives users the option to closely monitor their smartphone activity such as screen on time. The feature tells users what apps are being used the most.

Another feature is the Floating Window which is found on other manufacturers as well. It makes multitasking easier as it pops up a picture-in-picture window.

According to Realme, apps will also load 23.63% faster through a software boost.

Which Realme phones are getting it?

The first smartphones to get the updates would be the Realme X50 Pro, X2 Pro, 7 Pro, 7, 6 Pro, Narzo 20 Pro, and Narzo 20.

The Realme UI 2.0 will arrive on other devices by November if the timeline is right. If not, the earliest might be the first quarter of next year.

Images used courtesy of Realme, Realme 6 Pro, Realme XT / Realme

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