Realme X2 Pro review

Realme is one of the reputable smartphone makers in the world. They have been operating for three years now. The Realme X2 Pro is its famous and proper flagship. It offers high-end specs at an affordable price.

Its first appearance was in the European market last October. The Realme X2 Pro offers a long battery life and an OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh. But, its cartoonish software holds it back from being a magnificent phone.

Specs and details

At first glance, the Realme X2 Pro offers AMOLED 90Hz display, five cameras, and long battery life. The metal and glass design are appealing features. The surround sound speakers make this phone a dream to many. At a starting price of only €399, a lot of people love this phone! Realme X2 Pro is an affordable Android phone that is worth the investment.

The users can choose between Neptune Blue and Lunar White.

The Realme X2 Pro is available in 6GB Ram and 64GB storage. Buyers can also choose the 8 GB of ram and 128GB of storage. The highest RAM and storage space available is their 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

This phone has impressive specifications. But there are things that the Realme X2 Pro has to work out. There are five cameras on this phone, but none offers the best quality of an image.

Camera and battery

The primary rear lens of the Realme X2 Pro is 64MP. The high megapixels resolution might be appealing. But in the Quad-Bayer arrangement, the image result is only around 16MP.

It has a backup 13MP f/2.5 3x telephoto lens. The 8MP wide-angle lens also supports close focusing. The 2MP sensor is best for depth sensing. The user can choose these lenses according to what he needs.

Its impressive battery is significant. At 4,000mAh, the user does not have to worry about battery life. It also features the VOOC charging advanced version by Oppo. It means that it can charge in half an hour. It is also faster compared to the 5W charger that comes with the newest iPhone 11 in the market.

The Realme X2 Pro has an elegant design. Its pearlescent effect on its white models makes it an appealing choice to most buyers. The colors shift when the light slants through it. It also features a metal frame and a glass surface. The phone is sizable and slippery due to its glossy texture. This Android phone is as elegant as it gets despite the shortcomings.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi is now working towards its Galaxy Z flip phone look-alike.


Images courtesy of China brands/Pinterest, Android Infotech/Pinterest

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