Reasons why CW’s ‘The 100’ season 7 trailer is off the charts

CW’s series’ The 100 season 7 recently released its first trailer, and it’s mind-blowing.

After months of waiting, the first footage of the apocalyptic sci-fi series finally landed, and it does not disappoint. The trailer gives a glimpse of the characters’ plight to survive and search for a final home.

The 100 season 7 consists of 16 episodes, which is more than the previous seasons. Furthermore, this will be the last season of the series, though fans expect for season 8.

What is the trailer all about

The 100 season 7 trailer brings back several highly anticipated characters, including Clarke Griffin(Eliza Taylor) Bellamy Blake(Bob Morley) and Octavia Blake(Marie Avgeropoulos). Furthermore, the grounder Indra (Adina Porter) will once again reprise her role in the next season.

The trailer features the appearance of a group of threatening masked killers. There is no way of telling yet if the killers are enemies or allies. However, Indra might be leading a war once again.  Although the trailer is short, it captures a braver Clarke and a grief-stricken Bellamy.

The characters are seemingly residing in a new world, and fans are already theorizing that Clarke’s people are taking over Sanctum. In the first part of the trailer, Clarke talks to someone worrying about an incoming fight.

“I used to think fighting is what we do. Now, I worry that fighting is what we are.”

There’s a lot of things about season 7 that have not changed. Fighting is one of its strongest themes, even from season 1. Based on the trailer, the next season will certainly showcase more battles.

The 100 season 7 released initial episode synopsis

The first episode of The 100 season 7 is entitled, From the Ashes. Clarke and her people want to rebuild Sanctum. However, a  new threat is looming in the woods.  In the second episode, Mysterious Past, Echo and Gabriel learn about the origin of Hope.  The third episode, False Gods, features Raven facing new threats, while Clarke plays the peacemaker once again.  The fourth episode, Hesperides, unveils mysterious visitors bringing news of Clarkes’s missing people.

Furthermore, the character of Hope will be revealed in the next season. The season 6 finale left the viewers with so many questions about Hope’s origin and her connection with the Anomaly. Octavia seemed to have vanished into the Anomaly after Hope killed her. Surprisingly, her return in season 7 might provide the characters with new me information about the Anomaly.

Will the series air in Netflix

The 100 season 7 returns on May 20 on CW.  Even though Netflix confirms to air The 100 season 7, there is no official date of release. Last year, CW ended its contract with Netflix, which means that CW originals will have to purchased individually. Fans can expect to view the series between August and October.

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