Rebel Wilson poses in bikini, touts weight loss amid ‘health’ journey

Rebel Wilson lost about 18 kilos amid her “health” journey.

In January, Rebel Wilson shared with her fans that 2020 is going to be a “Year of Health” for her. Staying true to her word, the Pitch Perfect actress has since reportedly continued to share updates on her Instagram about her journey.

Over the weekends, she posted a new photo of her that has shocked a lot of people. She has “turned up the heat” with her lime-green bikini, according to People.

It is a “Year of Health” for her

Each year, Rebel Wilson reportedly creates “personal goals.” Sources said that she has done this “for a while now.”

In 2018, it was the “Year of Fun,” and throughout the year, she went on various adventures. She also traveled a lot, the source added.

Last year, it was the “Year of Love” for the actress. She went on many “fabulous dates.” As for 2020, she reportedly wants to focus on her health, so it is a “Year of Health” for her.

The 40-year-old actress reportedly announced her goal for the year last January. She posted on Instagram and revealed to start her journey to get to the “75 kg.”

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Rebel Wilson switched to the Mayr Method diet plan

While Rebel Wilson has continued to share updates of her journey, she has not seemingly disclosed the exact details. Nevertheless, sources said that the actress has since shifted to the “Mayr Method.”

As explained, this diet plan is an approach that “eliminates food intolerances.” It also promotes whole foods consumption and sugar reduction. In addition, it encourages eating foods that reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

Alongside her diet, she also reportedly goes on walks and exercises with a personal trainer for six times a week. Sources then added that she is working, as well, in conquering her emotional eating patterns of behavior.

More than six months into the regimen, Rebel Wilson has already lost about two to three stones and eight pounds, or over 18 kilos, according to the Daily Mirror.

She recently touted her weight loss transformation

On Instagram, the actress posted a photo of her wearing a string bikini as she enjoys her time in a hot tub. She originally captioned the photo with a “Hot Tub Fine Machine” in reference to the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, as per Fox News. But, she later changed the caption to two wink emojis.

Several of Rebel Wilson’s followers praised her in the comment section. Many of them also reportedly complimented her. One of them even asked how she lost her weight. “Please tell,” a fan said.

Featured image courtesy of Nicki Swift/YouTube

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