Rebel Wilson finishing year ‘strong’ with 20-kg weight loss

Rebel Wilson finishing year 'strong' with 20-kg weight loss

Rebel Wilson focuses on following a high-protein diet.

Celebrities’ weight loss transformations continue to impress fans across the globe. This year, the public continues to witness several lifestyle changes from high-profile stars, including Rebel Wilson.

The Pitch Perfect star started her weight loss journey earlier this year. She announced on social media that she intends to reach the 75-kilo mark at the end of 2020 back in January.

Every year, Wilson sets a “personal goal” for herself. For the past two years, she did her years of “fun” and “love.” But, the tone changed for this year as she focused on her health and lifestyle, hence, calling it her “year of health.”

As 2021 fastly approaches, the 40-year-old actress gave an update on her Instagram account on Thursday, according to People. She said that she is “finishing” her year strong at the place where it all started.

Rebel Wilson being “one with nature”

Rebel Wilson went back to Vivamayr Altaussee medical spa, a place that has remained “meaningful” to her. Reports said that this is where she first kick-started her journey earlier in January.

On Thursday, she shared with her fans a glimpse of her fitness activity via a series of photos. She went for an uphill hike in Lake Altaussee, Austria. She wore matching sportswear underneath her fur-hooded Canada Goose parka.

Apart from touting the achievements, she advised her followers to visit the area if intending to “boost” the immune system. “This is the place to be,” and it is “beautiful,” she added.


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Leaving the 3,000-calorie per day behind

Rebel Wilson has already lost over 18 kilos. It remains unclear, though, how much more she lost these past few weeks. Nevertheless, she shared with People earlier this week how her diet works.

The Isn’t It Romantic star revealed that she was likely consuming over 3,000 calories most of her days before embarking on her weight loss journey. She noted that it was full of carbs, so she would end up still hungry.

The actress has since changed her eating habits, though, to a “high-protein” diet, which includes chicken breast, salmon, and fish. She, later on, revealed that it has become a real challenge to her because she was not fond of eating meat.

The driving force in Rebel’s journey

Wilson also admitted about her “cheat” days. She shared that, despite the lifestyle change, she still has had a few weeks of “write-offs,” especially during her bad days.

The Daily Mail recalled, however, that her trainer Jono Castano previously opened up about Rebel Wilson’s journey. He shared that “laughter” has become the “driving force,” adding that training is about “enjoying” it. We always had a “good laugh,” he said.


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